This discussion is relative to Appendixes of the kjv Companion Bible. For any interested links to it are in the right side margin titled "Assistance".

"The Massorah" (kjv/ Companion Bible Question). In Appendix 4 (under "Adonai") we read this: "A list of 134 passages where this was deliberately done is preserved and given in the Massorah (§§ 107-115)." Following this statement referring to Appendix 32  is suggested. There again we read " The official list given in the Massorah (§§ 107-15, Ginsburg's edition) contains the 134." My question is in relation to "(§§ 107-115)" & "(§§ 107-15)" First off what is this? Page numbers? Also seem both of these places are speaking of the same documentation yet one says 115 the other 15 is this a typo and if so which is it 115 or 15 (seems it would be 115 since 15 is lower that 107). Interested in comments with answers rather than questions or assumptions (but feel free to comment how you will). Any feedback would be appreciated.

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After looking more into it, I think "15" is a typo and currently see the documentation (§§ 107-115) to be like unto Appendixes to the Massorah. Feel free to comment.


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