Does any one else get every question answered on Shepherd's Chapel?




        I was curious to know if any one else out there gets, well, so far every single question answered on the SC ? I don't mean I have wrote in and have had all written questions answered, I mean you have a question, and sure enough someone will either ask the same question, or Pastor Arnold will just out of the blue say something during a teaching session and it will be the exact answer to my question that I have been thinking. Such as when I introduced myself I asked"Is it normal to get tears in my eyes when I talk to God?" or to cry when he teaches about the Crucifixion.(Every time I can't help but boo hoo when I think about the suffering Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior went through just for us and to destroy death to save our souls!!) 

     Well, sure enough PA had that question asked on the show this morning!!! It makes me feel so, so blessed that God takes the time to answer every single question I have for Him !! I love you, God !!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

              God Bless Your Little Hearts,


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I can relate!

I think no one will be able to have evry question answered. As we are in the flesh, each of us

are capable of learning the word in his, or her capacity. For some, the word comes more easier then others.

I believe GOD gives each of us the amount of understanding that we are able to handle,and as we grow we are given more and more. 

I think their are people who are very young and have retained more of the word then someone

much older

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, I think you are spot on . GOD has a way of answering

in ways that are so awesome.

I don't think I get all of my questions answered because I have a lot of questions. LOL! But, enough are answered that I don't feel neglected that I don't get answers to some. I do a lot of debating online, and there are many times that I get answers before I need them. It is so awesome when that happens that the impression it leaves on me never lessens. It is always an intense feeling in my spirit, like what some would call a rush of adrenaline, like an electric charge running through me.  


God bless YOUR little heart LuLu.  Those tears that swell up in your eyes when you hear about the crucifixion shows your tremendous love and respect and compassion for our Lord.  I STILL do that.  And I always will until all my tears will be removed.


Wont that be a great day!


The sign of a true Christian / believer.  For they are the only ones that can feel that.

I feel sure that if you would have lived during that would have joined those courageous women that did not flee...and wept at the foot of the cross with Mary for Jesus.




Lulu - it's because Pastor Arnold and Dennis Murray are DEFINITELY placed by our Father God. Notice how Pastor Murray always says - after he states to remove the phone number off the screen - "HE knows what you're thinking Beloved"!  Also, this is the only ministry that lets only the Word of God do ALL the talking (chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse) - I still to this day never saw that anywhere else - although some will claim it.  20 years since I been in The Word - first REAL Bible study at small house (Shepherd's Chapel followers) - Jan 31, 1993 - and I thank HIM forever!!!

                                            Godspeed to you Lulu

I agree the Sheppard,s Chapel is one of few teaching the word as it should be taught.

I have learned quite a bit from their teaching, and try to watch everyday. One day I would like to visit the Chapel, and if lucky enough meet both Pastors Arnold and Dennis.

Thank you for that Joseph.  I have been to Passover and also was baptized there.  I have also met David a couple of times..

Know this my friend...that our alteriour motive is to meet that Carpenter of Nazareth one day.

God bless you


Thank you Prisculla, I 'm sorry for replying so late, but when I re-read

your post "that Carpenter of Nazareth one day." caught my eye

in a different way this time.

I want to ask everyone on this post a question: 

As watchman we are to watch for the signs leading to the return of our lord

Jesus Christ, and to not be deceived by he who comes

claiming to be Christ.

I am curious to learn what everyone thinks, as to the time we are in now

and how close we may be.

God Bless


We are never called in any of the church writings "Watchman" nor are we called to be such.

We are Ambassadors for Christ.  that is we represent his interests in this world which is to tell the lost world of his grace seeing we are Ministers of Reconciliation.

When we begin to take on positions we are not called too or exercise gifts not given to us.  then we are on the path of heretical practice and generally that is because some false teaching has crept in because we love to have our ears tickled rather than judge all things by the Holy Bible.


Thank you for your response and your concern regarding


I am quoting Dr. Murray (Shepard's Chapel) I have heard

him on several occasions, refer to : AS WATCHMAN WE ARE TO WATCH"

of course this is only a very short version of how he

refers to watchman, but indeed he does use this word.

Pastor Murray is extremely gifted and i have great confidence

in his teaching.

Thank you for your post. and GOD BLESS

It is ok many of the last days prophetic ministries out there use the Watchman analogy but it is in error to our real calling.

Men, Like Murray are fallible.  But the word of God is not.

Our duty is not to be a Jewish Watchman like Jeremiah but to be ambassadors and Ministers of reconciliation.


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