Does any one else get every question answered on Shepherd's Chapel?




        I was curious to know if any one else out there gets, well, so far every single question answered on the SC ? I don't mean I have wrote in and have had all written questions answered, I mean you have a question, and sure enough someone will either ask the same question, or Pastor Arnold will just out of the blue say something during a teaching session and it will be the exact answer to my question that I have been thinking. Such as when I introduced myself I asked"Is it normal to get tears in my eyes when I talk to God?" or to cry when he teaches about the Crucifixion.(Every time I can't help but boo hoo when I think about the suffering Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior went through just for us and to destroy death to save our souls!!) 

     Well, sure enough PA had that question asked on the show this morning!!! It makes me feel so, so blessed that God takes the time to answer every single question I have for Him !! I love you, God !!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

              God Bless Your Little Hearts,


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Of course any flesh man is fallible however, Pastor

Murray has a gift for teaching Gods word unlike

many of those would be preachers.

Theses would be preachers have one agenda for

the most part. They preach a few bible verses 

and than begin talking about something totally 

unrelated to the word of God.

This is followed by an appeal for money,

always money, send money, and we will send you

a pint of healing water or something along those lines.

The 1-800 number is shown through out the show

urging people to make a pledge. Now, not all

TV preachers do this ,but a lot do

I am not judging them, only GOD can judge, however,

we can DISCERN . 

I watch the Sheppard's Chapel and have been taught

the word of God, I have learned more than any

other so called preacher could hope to teach.

Most of the TV preachers teach the RAPTURE and 

speaking in tongues, I'm speaking of turkey gobble

not that which was spoke on Pentecost, but

pure turkey gobble.

There is no RAPTURE but most who listen to TV

shows such as TBN ect. are taught just that.

These TV preachers are deceiving GODS children

and live opulent life styles with the money they

receive from their followers.

I don't know if you are a student of Shepard's Chapel or 

not and that is your business.

God bless

Matthew 24:42-43, 25:13 Jesus says to watch. When you say "church writings" are you refering to the traditions of men or God's Word? 

PA tells us were in the 5th seal,I look at the perversion going on All over the world,Its sickening,BUT its as the days of sodom and gomerrah,They were openly displaying their lust,and children were present,Its going to get a little worse.

I listen to every word of SC,Ive been with him since 92,I was doing a study the other night,I was curious of where the jews were dispersed to,I found all of the nations that are under the Euro,Now,Look at their economys.Jeremiah 30:11 "For I am with thee,saith the Lord,to save thee:though I make a full end of all nations whither I have scattered thee,....

That gives me a clue.The major earthquake in haiti,the worse part hit,was a town called,conception.Thats a clue,These are the beginings of birth pangs,since that earthquake,the world is having them weekly,but no ones really paying attention,Its just News we watch every night.People will be "Lovers of Themselves" I dont have to look very far to see that behavior.Theirs clues through out the Bible,SC is by far the greatest teachers of Gods word,PA was hungry for the word as myself.

We are supposed to be watchmen,knowing the seasons.

Ive heard the question,who will be left,who will be taken,I believe,the one taken,will be by the anti christ,since he'll be here first,and his 7 thousand fallen angels,Those that wait till the 7th trump,are waiting on Christ,and their not doing the work of the anti christ,Im looking forward to it,I cant wait to tell one of the fallen angels,"Get behind me satan"Ive used it in the past,and it works.

It is evident from your post that you're a student of S.C. 

I too am a student and indeed hold P.A. and Dennis in high regard.

I have been studying with them for many years and find the teaching

very refreshing, I too believe we are in the 5th TRUMP and the

signs are growing quickly, leading to the 6th TRUMP.

Many will be deceived by the "anti Christ" , but we will have the


WE will not bow a knee to Satan, in those 5 months while he reigns

we will remain diligent to our Lord and Savior, and if called to give

witness Thur the Holly Spirit we will be ready.

Good Luke in your studies, it appears you have done quite a bit.

And your statement " get thee behind me Satan in JESUS name

does indeed work for it is the power of GOD ALMIGHTY Amen.

Calvary Chapel since the 1960's has been teaching  book by book Chapter by chapter, verse by verse.

Many of those churches don't even take offerings, they never beg or ask for money from the pulpit.

There are literally thousands of Calvary Chapels Across the US in every State.  So Brother Murray does not have the patten on teaching the word.

and no man knows what you are thinking.  And the Holy Ghost is never said to give a gift of knowing thoughts or giving every answer to every question.

Trust God's word above all and that includes Brother Murray

the word of God tells us that the heart is wicked and deceitful above all measure and who can know it. 

It also tells us that it is sharper than a two edged sword able to divide the . . .thought and intent of the heart.

Don't put your trust in any man except the man Christ Jesus.  And check every word of man by the context of the words of God as found in his preserved word.

You can always put your trust in Gods word but you cant trust any man.


People have different emotional experiences when they pray and when they hear of the Crucifixion.  But emotions should not be our normal experience.

Remember as a believer your duty is that of an Ambassador and Minister of righteousness.  You are to be about representing your Lord Jesus Christ by living righteously and following the teachings of Paul for the church.  specifically 2Tim 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

As we go through the Bible many of our Biblical questions will be answered. But if our questions are over our flesh and a minister meets those with constant answers I would say he is not answering from the Bible but from the flesh.

Remember prior to 2Tim2:15 it says, 2Ti 2:14 ¶ Of these things put them in remembrance, charging them before the Lord that they strive not about words to no profit, but to the subverting of the hearers.

Study and let the holy Ghost answer your questions and don't put your trust in frail man.







Do you gather together with other believers at a church?

Or do you just watch TV and Internet preachers?


At this time all the churches teach some form of the rapture, But yes I have attended

church, and do have christian friends.

Why do you ask Chete ?

I was asking because I have met some who don't attend a regular fellowship only online or TV and they miss out on using their gift and personal ministry.

It was nothing personal I was just checking.

i don't even pass a plate at my church because it stumbles the very poor I refrain from asking for money at all from the pulpit.

I teach book by book chapter by chapter verse by verse.  in That I hit every topic that anyone can come up with because there is nothing new under the sun.

I personally believe in a gathering of the body of Christ into the clouds both those who are asleep in Christ and those who are alive 1Thess 4. 

There is a great difference between the Body of Christ and Israel.  Which are the two programs found clearly in God Holy Bible.  Currently the church is forefront made up of both Jew and Gentile.  After the gathering together of the church to Jesus Israel moves back into the LORD's scope of vision to finish his work with Israel and bring in the Lord Jesus's kingdom.

Do me a favor and read through your NT again and identify the different Gospels and look at what each implies and requires.

I am a student of the Holy Ghost in God's Preserved, whole complete and inerrant Word.



GOD is a God of the living not of the dead. Christians are children of the light, not of darkness.

Those who have passed, their spirit is with God, the flesh is in the ground from which

it came, and go's back to dust. We are done with it, it does not rise from some

hole in the ground.

To be absent from the body is the present with the lord, just as the rich man and Lazarus, rich man on one side of the gulf, Lazarus on the other.

Those that pass on, good or bad, are with the lord as the rich man and Lazarus,

to be judged by God at the white throne judgement along

with every other soul.

I am not by any means a follower of the rapture, it has confused 

many, biblical inerrancy is the manuscripts locked in so man cannot

tamper with, such as the NIV bible was tampered with by kenite scribes.

So you see Chette, I try to study to show myself approved with wisdom

granted by God and led by the Holy Spirit.

I have a lot to learn and i lack in so many ways however, through Gods grace

I hope to please my father, yes I fall short and have many faults

but I will keep trying to please him because I love him.  

His will 



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