What happened to any nation that turned against God,and worshipped Idols?

He turned his back on them,and took blessings and safety away,and some went into captivity.Hmmp,

Has anyone looked around lately?Have you seen a Palm Reader in your town?Or how about Tarot card? Just about every Boardwalks walks we have through out the country,have tarot card readers.seducing our children and even biblically illiterit people,Who see it as a Novelty,as being harmless.Really?.

Let me give you something to think about.When these people have these sayances,(calling up spirits)Their not Good spirits,Their evil,Meant for Evil.This is their culture,This is normal to them.They don't feel their doing anything wrong,so they do it among us.

Say one of those persons attending this gathering,Suppose he or she works with you?Are you vulnerable to that spirit she was exposed too? You betcha it can attach to you,It can also enter your home,office,gym,school,church.any where that person goes.Thats something to think about.

This is Gods words following.

Leviticus 19:31 Regard not them that have familiar spirits,neither seek after wizards,to be defiled by them:I am the Lord your God.

Leviticus 20:6 And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits,and after wizards to go a whoring after them.I will even set my face against that soul,and will cut him off from among his people.

Theirs many more.

Do you still think its a novelty? Wake up brothers and sisters.

I saw where someone has a list of prayers she says to ward off evil spirits,Folks,I wouldn't use them,God gave us power over evil spirits.

Why wouldn't I use those.You might very well be calling them up.If its not in the Bible.Stear clear of it.God Bless,and God have mercy on America

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That's a great post on familiar spirits. Surprisingly, even some Christians believe that the ghosts of their loved ones have, or do, visit them or communicate with them in one way or another. My mother-in-law used to practice witchcraft when her children were young. There were several incidents involving spirits doing things and saying things, even calling out my husband's name more than once. Turning the doorknob of locked doors during seances. Appearing in pictures when she used to take her children to graveyards after dark for "fun".

Now her children are grown, & even though she started going to church years ago, 2 of her daughters still believe that the spirits are ghosts.One so much so that she claims to see dead people, that they talk to her, live in her home, that her dolls are possessed & she is just fine with all of this. She claims she is psychic & has even spoken curses over me & my husband, claiming she discovered through tarrot cards that many horrible things were going to happen to us. Well I immediately rebuked that evil report in the name of Jesus & pled the Blood over my family!

My point, though, is that these evil spirits, some say demons (which is what I believe they are, although I recently heard there is a difference between demons & other evil spirits) have fully deceived her. Since they come to you in disguise, even some offering power, wealth & wisdom, she has been so fooled that she doesn't believe in Heaven & Hell, or a Judgement Day. Isn't that the familiar spirit's purpose, after all? To deceive, & destroy you by means of lies & false promises?

Well I tried to explain to her that she was communicating with demons, not dead people. That we aren't going to be floating around on some other dimension until we reincarnate. But these spirits have had access to her since childhood, since birth, because of her mother's use of witchcraft. So yes, I agree 100% with your statement that spirits can attach themselves to you by means of contact with those who do witchcraft. I personally have seen the results of such an incident, & have even seen & heard these evil spirits in her home. 

Now she has a 3 year old daughter & even at such a young age she has introduced her to this evil. When she speaks of how she is proud of her daughter it is because the little girl head bangs along with her to Pantera & other heavy metal music. It is heart breaking to see this happening, & since she won't allow her to be around Christians I can only pray for her from afar.

It is wise to always put on the armor of God (Ephesians 6) before leaving your home, no matter where you are going. There is only one offensive weapon in God's armor, & that is the Sword of the Spirit- the Word of God. May we always find time to commit His Word to memory so that we have our weapon sharp & ready for battle. The spiritual realm is very real, & there is true evil in it. Ever increasing, like you pointed out, is the true evil in the world, as well. May we always, by the grace of God, discern well & always be prepared for spiritual warfare. Thank you for the post. May God bless you.

I annoint myself if I leave the house,I carry my oil everywhere I go.

Thank you for sharing your story,

I became acquainted with a veteran last summer ,he walked with a cane because of an abcess sore on his ankle,it was painful,and ran fluid constantly.

We hung out together and I'd witness to him,He saw me on many occasions give homeless people a few bucks so they could eat,and he asked me why I do that.

Long story short,I told him I would annoint him for a healing,I went to his room pulled out the oil and he basically kept backing away from me,than shouted I don't want it.

I put the oil away,realizing what was the problem,I said,You can't stop me from praying for you,and he even argued about that.as I left his room I started praying,he was in my prayers every night for about 3 weeks,and he was avoiding me.

Right when we parted company I asked him how his leg was doing,He sat down on his bed and said its almost heeled,he let me look at it,and it was just a red mark.

I told him,I started praying for that day I tried to annoint you.

The Power in Prayer is why he was healed,it was my obedience to God,my belief that God could heal that.

Pray for the girl,don't stop,Because Greater is He that is in you,than he of the world.

It was the evil spirit in him backing away from the oil,spirits run from that,However spirits can't stop prayer,

God Bless don't give up,even if the little girl is being tutored in evil,God is more Powerful,and He's on the Throne,And its your obedience that not only pleases God,But he will take care of her.

Thank you.

Hi Clayton, I agree that if the prayers that lady was using are not scriptural, then do not participate. Also, not only can we be exposed to spirits of unclean businesses in our neighborhoods, government and world... but also to those attached to friends and family that are exposed because of their associations and activities.


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