I am very thankful that God inspired someone to create this website; I do not know any of the members here personally though I feel like you all are my family and I hope I get the opportunity to meet all of you. I am in the Dallas, Texas area if anyone nearby would like to meet to talk about God's Word and/or meet in prayer, just email me, feel free to send me a friend invite.

* These videos may be of great interest to those that study God's Word:






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Thanks for sharing and the encouragement!

Wm. H. / His Will, Just chiming in here to thank you for this site. It is like meeting some of the family before we get to the big Reunion in the Sky aka The Gathering / Ingathering. May you receive more and more blessings and gifts froom The Most High as you continue to walk in his light and love and peace.
Jess, I agree. Thankful William H. / His Will was inspired to create this site. I also feel like it is getting to know family that we will see again at the Reunion in the Sky ☺️ I'm not in your area but pray you will meet more and more of the family wherever you go. Glory to YHWH in the highest. Amen.


Praise (Music)

press ►► symbol on player to fast forward to next song. Also a Full Screen option! GBU


The Rain


(KJV) Companion Bible
1 Companion bible special studies (Appendixes) Website currently DOWN

2 * C. Bible with Books /side margins (turn page), Appendixes,...

3 More on C.B. / :) 

(search Strongs )

extra link


Other study tools:
1 Smiths bible dictionary

2 Strong's/Concordance




7 E-Sword download is full of good tools and sources.

combo of tools
☧ Other helpful links in the groups.

Numbers In Scripture (Bullinger)

HEBREW Tanakh/ Messorah

- Hebrew "Old Testament"

Hebrew / English Matt. -George Howard (translates Shem Tov's)
- Even Bohan/ Shem Tov's


- Word study tools

- Jewish . Encyclopedia- Septuagint /Sep.

-Hebrew/English dictionary

-Hebrew Interlinear

-Greek Interlinear

- ><> library

- calculator

- Jasher

- apocrypha

- DeadSea /DSS

- Didache 



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