I found one error in the film when it stated that YHWH provided a lamb in the place of Yitzhak that day on Mount MoriYah (Chosen of Yah). Yah provided a Ram which was caught in the thickets that day by it's horns for a burnt offering and the true lamb of Elohim would be provided at Calvary many years later, Yahushua Ha Moshiach. The lamb mentioned in that passage was actually a very early prophecy concerning the coming of Moshiach.

Also, The shin letter in the original Paleo Hebrew is also W shaped but still different looking than the 3 valleys so I am not sure that a case can be totally proven for the assertion in the film or not. It is fuzzy but still very fascinating none the less.

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My friend, Abraham was not a "Jew", he was a Hebrew and among the goyim and also pre Torah.  He had no food restrictions and had no problem serving the 2 messengers and YHWH a meal of Calf with butter and milk.

Abraham's Grandson Yaakov fathered the first "Jew" when Leah bore Yahudah to him. Moses and Aaron were not  "Jews", Job was not a "Jew"nor was Isaac, nor was Noah.  Many great people of the scriptures were pre Judah or from the other tribes.

Israel does not = "The Jews" The Jews are just one tribe out of  a potential of 14 when all things are considered. Joseph's 2 sons were each adopted as sons and heirs by Jacob instead of remaining grandsons. Reuben was booted out temporarily but will be acknowledged once again in the Kingdom Age.

I suggest that you read this article at least twice with scriptures in hand: http://torahtothetribes.com/two-house-101/

You need to start reading His Word instead of the explanations of those who are trying to conceal him from your understanding. They are the same ones who made the decision to remove His Name from the scriptures and replace it with HaShem and Adonai, Lord and G-d.

YeshaYahu 42: 42:8  


I Am YHWH, that is my name...............also see Shemot chapter 3. It is his Memorial name forever.

As early as Adams grandson Seth, men have called upon that name.

Bereshith 4:26 There was also born a son to Seth, and he named him Enosh. Then men began to call on Yahweh`s name. 

The way to see and understand who He is, is to read His word and what He say's about Himself.

First of all, Jehovah and angels eating as if they had body to digest what they ate and then,  eating the meat of a calf with milk! Yea, definitely only in a dream. What could I do to understand prophetic language without Numbers 12:6?

We don't need to discuss the rest of your post above because it is bordering with the Pauline policy of Replacement Theology. This needs a whole thread of its own to be understood.

Now, with regards to reading God's Word instead of appealing to authorities, I know you might find hard to understand this but, all my views, I have adopted as a result of my researches in the Word of God aka the Tanach. So much so that my documented evidences are not extra-Biblical authorities but the Tanach and the Christian NT.

So be it.

Ben Masada, People are being real patient with you here. I personally see many of your posts designed to express strife against the basics this site is set up to have fellowship in. This site is a place for those who have faith (& or INTEREST) in both the OT and NT (that includes Pauls writings and the book of Matthew) to fellowship and or reason together. Interfaith discussion is invited but this is not a free for all debate center. If you are looking to convert others here to your ideology (which isnt even clear nor do i feel is properly identified as Jewish or Judaism) your wasting your time.

You Claim to be a Jew in Judaism but i fellowship with Jews on a daily bases and have Never met one with your fruits. Jews commonly have no interest or use for Proselytizing (or debating their faith with non Jews), this seems to go against your agenda. Also I have never met someone totally take the story of Abraham and Isaac so away from scripture and do it by raising up a (modern) gentiles (Thomas Mann's) writings. Also since your beginning to make a theme of demonizing Paul I suggest you bring your arguments against him to the table now. You condemn Paul and (the book of) Matthew as not being "Jewish" but seems your posts aren't either. Would you care to mention the name of your synagogue? Btw what Jew types "Jehovah"?

I will get straight to the point. I don't think this site is for you. (and i couldn't careless who doesnt like how bold im being). I would much rather weed out trouble makers than them weed out brothers and sister in the faith from being interested in coming here.

Many of us here disagree on many things and have different views (so be it). However I'm not keen on people coming here (claiming to be something they arent) and insulting bothers in the faith (Paul, Matthew, Abraham,...). The theme of your posts on Abraham are discusting turning a story of Faith and devotion G-D to a story about G-D acting like (disguising himself as) an idol deceiving Abraham then insulting him when he obeys and then shoving a lesson down his throat (You have Got To Be kidding). That is blasphemy of the Word of G-d. I hope you received this message loud and clearly. 

Thanks @Moshe
Hello Moshe !

Hey Roderick. I stayed on for a while yesterday waiting for you to sign in. See you later today, Moshe


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