Today during the Q & A segment of Shepherds Chapel daily Bible study someone had written to Pastor Murray concerning the "ufo's" that fly around today and Pastor Murray responded by saying that the four angels that would be losed upon the earth to hurt man were the only angelic vehicles we would see as far as present-day is concerned. He went on to say that perhaps one or more has been released from the euphrates (sp?) if you consider the current events transpiring in the middle east and north africa. Now it is my understanding that the locust "swarm" is symbolic of the middle eastern countries (and more specifically those who practice the religion that is sworn to destroy christians within this region) and Pastor Murray went on to point out the uprisings that have occured in many of those countries, particularly Egypt, many of the new regimes are now more zealous than ever about killing christians. I guess I'm just wondering if I'm understanding this right, as well as simply looking for input and perspectives on the recent events that have unfolded not just in the middle east but worldwide concerning this subject. Thanks for reading and for any responses.

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I am with you as to the identification of the locust army.

(Arbeh- Hebrew #697 locust/ Arab #694 means to ambush/ destruction is in their nature)

Arab revolutions to date (2011) have occured in Tunisia, Lybia,& Egypt.

Uprises in Bahrain, Syria, Yemen

Protests in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, and Oman

minor protests in  Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iran , Western Sahara

Clashes with state of Israel (via Turkey, Syria, Gaza Strip,...)

increase of Christians martyrs in Egypt and throughout middle east

Increase in Islamization (Islamification) of cultures worldwide with major concern in Europe and rising concern in US.

International support for the Palestinian agenda

Left wing agendas using terminology like "islamaphobia"

While John writes of seeing 4 messengers (angels) on the 4 corners of the earth. I at this time cant speak about who will or wont see any vechiles they may use. We do know that for the spiritual to interact with the physical in a phy. way a vechile is used and yet we also know that some have visions and are instruments of relaying messages of the Holy Spirt. We know that when it comes to the 2 witnesses we have the discriptions of the olive trees and candle sticks which are 2 individuals & two groups that come together as one body.


While the Elect have a great sense of discernment i also like to note

Heb.13:2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Basically on the subject of the vechiles that move between spirit and phy. realm i dont want to say the only ones to be seen in present day would be these postive angelic figures of Rev.7 cause the system that will be set up by the desolator will have advanced ways and illusions, and imagry can open many doors in philosophy.

Erin, I got online tonight to search to see if anyone heard Pastor Murray's answer to a question on today's study (Feb 26, 2013). It sounds like he thinks the four angels have been loosed. I wasn't quite sure what he meant by that, since he didn't elaborate. Wondering if you or others heard him say that...

 I heard him say it,The 4 angels,those that flew the planes on 911,Was he correct?,I would like to trust everything he says,But I still look things up

Last year, I took a photo in illinois while on vacation and when reviewing my photos on a big screen television, a family member spotted a flying vehicle in one of the photos.  The photo was taken on a sunny day and it definitely was not an airplane, it was a very large circular object hovering above a tree line.   I believe that sometimes a camera can capture an image that the human eye cannot see.  There have been so many spotted recently around the world that I believe that they are moving between the spirit and phi. realm.  My daughter when she was around nine years old came running in the house crying, saying she seen some type of flying vehicle (individual man inside) hovering right outside our house.  It frightened her so much she wouldn't go outside for a long time.  She is twenty-one now and still recounts about this event and how she still remembers the metallic flying vehicle with a man in it. 


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