The War That Was Never Fought.

Ever wonder what it would take for the USA to be conquered?

Without your knowledge or approval, Pres. Obama as President of the UN Security Council, will sign the Copenhagen Treaty this December.

This amounts to the unconditional surrender of the sovereign USA.

It means our subjugation to the final authority of UN, World Court, World Bank.

This will be done with the approval of Congress and the Supreme Court.

The USA will have successfully been conquered without shot fired.

While her people slept, their government declared war on their nation and delivered her to foreign powers. The Copenhagen Treaty is the official unconditional surrender of our nation.

What does it take for you to stand and fight for your country? A nuclear bomb blast over your head?

The Copenhagen Treaty is that bomb blast that gives the UN control and authority over every one and every part of our nation.

One day soon you will wake up to find that you are no longer a citizen of the USA but a citizen of the world. And our nation, our Consitution, our liberty and right to self determination, lost forever.

You will ask what and how it could have happened? Why did I not see? How can we lose a country when we didn't even know we were in a war?

By that time though, it will have been fait accompli.

Will you remain a silent witness as your country dies?

There is precious little time left for you to open your eyes to the reality that the USA is on life support, facing her imminent demise from a government that represents foreign powers, not us.

One short month left til their fait accompli.

And as her people slept, the USA will vanish.

Oh, they will still call her the United States, that will be useful to continue to keep Americans content. But make no mistake, our self government, autonomy, our NATION will be gone.

We have a month.

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I'm very careful what I say. I do mean well.

The military industrial complex is out of control. Eisenhower warned of this and now this industry wields so much political power it eclipses our ability to make independent policy. Our policy is determined instead on what the military industry and the international bankers decide is in their best interests not people of the united States.

This is the global crime syndicate at the top of the nation states leading them where they do not want to go. The nations are corralled. They as sovereign national entities are being led to slaughter and our military is being used by our enemy the globalists to help accomplish this.

Many in the military will remain true to their oaths as this becomes more clear and many will not. If it is not superseded by biblical end time events a hot revolution is only a short ways away. There will be patriots on one side of it and there will be dupes and prostitutes and cowards on the other side of it. This may be Jacob's trouble at least in part.

We both appreciate the principle of honor so I'm sure you and your loved ones will educate yourselves on the principles of the constitution and do the right thing if the right thing needs to be war. War against our own federal government, usurped as it is by foreign interests.

This will only begin if and when the federal government launches full scale attack on the people. This is what our current military trains to do. They train to disarm Americans from sea to shining sea. They train to bring us to detention camps and they train to kill any Americans who resist. They train side by side with foreign troops to subdue and totally subjugate the American population.

If this is news to you do a little research of your own. I don't expect you to believe me.

The constitution was designed to restrain the federal government but now the public servants in D.C. believe themselves to be above the law. Above the contract agreed to by our founders. They ignore the constitution, the will of the people and instead serve foreign interests. They are destroying the united States deliberately. Both major political parties collude to do this. There is a great collusion between the media and the politicians and the military and the bankers. It is all run by a small group at the top.

9/11 WAS an inside job.

God bless.


Have a look at this:

The luciferians are busy killing the planet for their god of death. Notice how they focus their destruction on Jacob.

Praise be to God our Father He will destroy those who are destroying the Earth.


Your not going to believe this.....or maybe you will.LOL  God in His Mercy opened my eyes this weekened.

I tuned into some stuff on the Euro news channels this weekened that just curled my hair.


.....and my eyes were opened.


We ARE controlled by a crime syndicate.  A Global one!


Thank you'all for helping me with this. I've got company coming over in a bit so I have to go temporarly but I cannot wait to read more of what's been posted here.


Give Father the Glory in ALL things and stay strong family.  I know that you will.  And I intend on doing the same.


God bless you brothers & sisters in Yashua

Okay I'am back.


Do you really believe 9/11 was an inside job?

What do you mean?

I whom?

Could you please be more specific?

I mean some names?


Because for me anyways.....the crime syndicate is GLOBAL!

And the dudes responsable for that attack......did not go unpunished....not even to this day.


The Bush family is a good family in my opinion.  Not perfect.....but a God fearing good family none the less.


That should account for something.


You weren't going to say President Bush was behind the 9/11 attack.....were you???



I used to think the Bush family was a decent sort. Until I did a little looking. It wasn't long before I learned of the infamy of the Bush clan. Look for yourself. Look long and don't turn away.

As for 9/11 the evidence is a mountain. All of it screams "we were lied to". Many postulate this or that person or group did it and then they postulate how they did it. The basic fact obvious to all is we were lied to. Big time.

You don't see that many lies woven into every aspect of the narrative without coming away with the conclusion 9/11 WAS an inside job.

Do your own research. Watch a ton of youtube videos on the subject. Some are very good and others not so good. Decide for yourself which lies are the most damning. You have many to choose from.



Youtube is not my Teacher.


The Word of God is.


I do not listen to propaganda


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