Sometimes, i weep because Christ had said, the Harvest is ready but the workers are few. Most, so called prophet, prophecy based on the weather and the surrounding but not what God is saying. they blame the president and everything around them; but the question is , what is God saying to His Church?. THEY CANNOT EVEN SEE WHEN GOD IS CALLING THE CHURCH BACK INTO REPENTANCE AND HOLINESS INSTEAD THEY COMPLAIN
2. how many, are preaching the Gospel to the lost
3. how many pastors have the pure heart and clean hands.
4. are the christian the light and salt of the world?.
5. it not them but the devil 2 Corinthians 4:1-4. the Church need revival.


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First of all, weep for the people who will be decieved and are decieved...blinded by the traditions of men...when the harvest is ready, at the time of the end, then He calls His angels to gather his from all parts of the world. The "real" workers are few and the Word also states that the narrow road/path is one that "few" take because it is a walk that is difficult to follow the steps of Christ...follow the Way. Prophecy is everywhere and those claiming to be prophets, just as in the Biblical times of Yeshua. I, myself, have used God's Word to call people "Out of Babylon", but they would rather stay in their traditional churches as their social circle...they follow the majority, remember "many are called but few are chosen." As for your other questions concerning the intentions of others and their spiritual position or condition, Yeshua wept. I agree the "Church" needs a revival but I'm afraid that at this point in time being so close to the advent that the separation of those who "are" holy and those who "are not" refering to biblical taking place. Christ knows the hearts of everyone and Yahweh knows the beginning from the end, therefore as told in Revelations there is a time when those who are his will be "sealed" (found worthy). Unfortunately there are many who have chosen to not follow the Way and walk in the Light, the Bible states "they repented not" and references those in the days of Noah as being an example of their spiritual condition. The Bible says that the whole world is decieved except for the very elect (which are the few...the remanent or the remaining left-over discarded pieces such as carpet pieces that are not included or part of the whole). When these things occur we are to be joyous in the knowledge that He is coming and our future with Him will begin. We are to look forward to that Day of the Lord when he comes for His Bride, "Church". Will there be a revival and will people flee from the "harlots" and Babylon...will there be a "latter rain" ?? I personally don't believe so, I think those days have come and gone and that we are in the days of the end when Yahweh and Yeshua are bringing The Kingdom into fruitation and eliminating the tares from the wheat for Harvesting. These things must occur before the end because God's Word says so and in understanding the "seasons" and the "times" we are to have the knowledge of His Arrival. Christ's Message was "Hear O Israel! Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand!"... His Mission was representing the character and personality of the Father Yahweh so that we would/could know Him and have a personal relationship with as One...His purpose was to be the Lamb of God who took away the sins of the world. I hope this answers some of your questions. Shalom, Paula


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