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Peace of Christ unto those who seek it.

I am not much into social status but feel its appropriate that i introduce myself here. I'm a non denominational Christian (Monothesitic Messianic). I fellowship with Shepherd's Chapel, messianic congregations, and whomsoever I feel lead to do so with. I practice discernment and do not judge any as to say they are hopless of salvation which is the opposite of my calling of sharing the good news! 

I am concerned for all and would like to see all grow closer to The LORD our God.

My Faith (Heb.11:1) is not a religion but rather its a reality. I follow no man or denomination. I have few i consider elders yet can't say that we will agree on all things all the time nor do i exspect any other to be at the same stage of their personal walk (relationship) with the LORD as i all the time.

This site is dedicated to the edification of The Body. Feel free to invite others (i don't advertise it much). May we give and recieve due respect. Please no gossip, stereotypes, or racism.

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Hello and thank you for the invite. Sorry to take so long log in and get started here.

I have studied with SC since 1992 and the past year have felt an urgent need to study as much as possible, and so study everyday.
I know the site is getting a slow start but I am here Often. Feel free to invite others who are interested and or have much to offer. Praise be to God Rev. 4:11
The first time i heard of the rapture theory in any detail was through some denominational pamphlet I found. I read through it and it bothered me right away. The part that bothered me the most was that people just go into the grave and wait and it had art work showing ghosts raising from the graves at a certain time. I knew something wasn't right and PM was one who helped me to exspose every twist of scripture of that doctorine.
I'm glad you are here Arlene! I'm also glad you shared the invite to the site you did. I'm currently in some deep studies that I look forward to sharing here and there! I hope you determine if any of the groups may interest you. Some areas may call for us to take baby steps for the sake of others and yet other areas will hopefuly serve as places we can digest the meat! I know you are spreading yourself over more than one site like me but always feel free to start groups or discussions here. I'm sure you have much to contribute.:)
Grace be with you.
Hi. Thanks for the invite to this group. i've been studying with the chapel for about 13 yrs now. Best Christmas gift i ever received was my Companion Bible and a Strongs concordance. I've learned so much but still know so little. I study everyday at 5 a.m. Currently in the Book of Romans. I'm anxiously waiting to hearing PM's take on Romans 13 where it says we are to be subject to the higher powers. I've had many people use this chapter to reprimand Christians for participating in the tea parties or opposing the current administration"s rule. I would love to hear your opinions on that .
Darlene, I too recieved my Companion Bible (KJV) and a Strong's concordance as Christmas gifts!:) and as Christians that constantly seek (edification) and recieve revelations we do humble ourselves and know that we still have much growing room. I am blessed that I get to spend everyday in his Word with all my hours (I take some breaks to take in my surroundings of coarse) (own work hours!). I have a strong appetite!
Sure I will turn to study Rom. 13 and look forward to a discussion. i am currently in Gen.! Everytime we go through the Word we seem to see more and more of the many layers!
I am so glad you have made your presence known here and I am confident that you will serve as an instrument of truth.

A quick outline of Rom.13 would be that we observe civil law only second to the Word of God! That a nation in well standing will make laws that agree with God's standards. That we are to be a spiritual people over earthly.
Greetings Everyone,
My name is Paula, I was named after Paul in the Bible (I was suppose to be a boy, surprise). My mother's denomination was SDA. It was a very conservative group who followed the Jewish traditions (kosher). I was raised very secluded and sheltered (no music/TV etc). My grandmother was from a long list of "seers" and I was born with a veil and crux markings. I still have scars but they dim with time. I was given the gift of prophecy, mostly with poetry. I don't control it though Father speaks to me I only listen. I haven't really figured out what I'm suppose to be doing so I decided to go to college and get a degree in teaching. This is my second year and have a 4.0 GPA. I am a wife, mother of three, and a grandmother of three. So I'm pretty busy. I love to study especially The Word. I left the "church" ten years ago under bad circumstances that I won't get into. So, I guess I have no denomination, just a Truthseeker and Follower of The Way. I do not have a social life outside my family so it will be nice to fellowship with everyone here and hear the discussions posted. Shalom, Paula
Hey ya Paula
It's good to hear from you. I'm also looking forward to fellowship. I also don't go out socializing much at all (any more). I hope we come up with more discussion subjects that are interesting and good to cover. Feel free to contribute anytime! LaBrock
Please help me to understand what 'time' it is prophetically. Where are w ein the world today.

Also, I want to say if I seem like a kill joy in my questions, please forgive me in advance. I have lost some falmily members this summer ( my Dad is the latest. He was 69, died on Aug. 13th. from an uniagnosed anneryusim ). I am worried for them. I feel like they are 'lost' somehow. I am full of grief that my Dad was in agony, and very afraid, unable to comprehend what was happening to him. It kind of stings a bit because of that. Thank you.
Travis the things you survived are proof positive God has His Hand on you in your life. My heart breaks for you at the trauma you have witnessed in your early child hood. You were still shaping, forming your world & witness the most evil the world had to offer. Thanks be to God He drew you close & led you to the man He knows you are. Blessings to yu & Tori:)
Hello I am still learning my way around this site and trying to add things to my profile. It is a bit tricky, so please bare with me.
I have been studying with the Shepherd's Chapel since Feb 2009.
not a problem! If you have any questions just let me know
Hey ya Linda! Glad to have you here.


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