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Peace of Christ unto those who seek it.

I am not much into social status but feel its appropriate that i introduce myself here. I'm a non denominational Christian (Monothesitic Messianic). I fellowship with Shepherd's Chapel, messianic congregations, and whomsoever I feel lead to do so with. I practice discernment and do not judge any as to say they are hopless of salvation which is the opposite of my calling of sharing the good news! 

I am concerned for all and would like to see all grow closer to The LORD our God.

My Faith (Heb.11:1) is not a religion but rather its a reality. I follow no man or denomination. I have few i consider elders yet can't say that we will agree on all things all the time nor do i exspect any other to be at the same stage of their personal walk (relationship) with the LORD as i all the time.

This site is dedicated to the edification of The Body. Feel free to invite others (i don't advertise it much). May we give and recieve due respect. Please no gossip, stereotypes, or racism.

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Hi there,  Nice to hear from you.  David passed last July I believe.  All I know is that He missed last Aprils Passover services which indicates to me that he may have been ill then. I don't know what he died of.  I don't get on the internet chat rooms all that often either so I understand the reluctance to use them.  I used to talk in chat rooms a lot and didn't have any problems but that was years ago.

Pastor Murray's teaching were a blessing to me. I tried so many others and was never comfortable. When I found him a little voice in my head told me that I was home.  When I did talk to other students it was as if we had know each other our entire lives.  We had so much in common even though we had never met before. That just amazed me!   Take care of yourself.  May God keep you in the palm of his hand.  Kathy 


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