I've always had somewhat of a difficult time finding a place to celebrate Passover among my fellow Christians. Hence, I usually "celebrate" Passover at home near Cincinnati, Ohio.

I was wondering where do you all celebrate Passsover?

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I observe Passover at home as well.

It would be nice to find someone who has found a church anywhere who as a Christian, can celebrate Passover amongst their fellow believers. I did find one when I was younger but had to move from the area and have been a Passover introvert for over 20 years now!

Life is lonely amongst the elect.

Hi John, I have followed the Scriptural holy days for over 25 years in congregations or communities where Jews and Gentiles worship Yeshua as the Messiah. Have you tried looking for Hebrew Christian or Jewish Christian congregations? Have you thought of starting a Bible study with regard to this from a perspective of finding out what Scripture really says vs the traditions of man? Just some thoughts. 

Yes Sherri I had celebrated at those locations but, there was not a whole lot of emphasis on Christ from the "pastor" nor the members. For me Christ is really the true Passover.

We also keep the Passover at home.




As Christians we are never told to celebrate Passover.  It is strictly a Jewish command given for all Israel Mal 4:4.  But I would find nothing wrong with it as long as you are not trying to follow the Law of Moses with all the requirements and sacrifices.  which would be pretty hard to do seeing there is not physical temple in Jerusalem where they are to go for Passover each year.


I live in Va. but go out to Arkansas every year and keep the Passover with the Shepherd's Chapel.

The only Christians I know of who celebrate Passover are Jehovah's Witnesses. Nice people, but once they get your name & address, they won't leave you alone. I went to Passover there once many years ago, don't remember how the service went.


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