This thread is to report and discuss the aims and actions of the forces of darkness around the world. Watchmen know of two major battles during the generation of the fig tree (Last days)

 (Battle of  Hamon-Gog and Armageddon/ Har Megiddo-/ which are made the subject matter throughout this website!)


________________________Vital outlines__________

* Gog & Magog, (two events/ 1 prior to the 7th trumpet/ 1 prior to the END of the LORD'S day) 

Beasts of Dan.7 



Apostacy (false PEACE)

Kings of The East

Locusts/kings of the east



When we understand that there is both a spiritual and physical Israel we better understand the conflicts of the battle of Gog and Magog. Physical Israel is to mention both the descendants of Jacob (Israel) and the geographical location of their territories. Spiritual Israel is to mention those who embrace a ongoing relationship with YHVH which is made up of both "Jew" and "Gentile" Gal 3:6-7,24-29/ Lk.3:8 (Matt.3:9) Deut.30:6/ Rom.2:10-11,29/ Rom.9:6-8 (Jn.8) Rom.4:11-16/ Col.3:10-11/ Matt.12:50 (Mk.3:35). So as these forces come against Israel this is speaking in so many layers for those of Israel are not all in the state of "Israel".

The forces of the world stage that are the leading forces of darkness are Russia, Iran, Northern Africa, surrounding nations of Israel, and all allies of these forces which eventually extends to the One World system after the deadly wound is healed (NWO). The Strong houses that will first recieve attacks from within to weaken the strond man are Israel, Britian, Usa, ... and these attacks will consist of the *4 hidden dynasties./ Current Events
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The Tares (serpents/ kenites/ leaven/ locusts/ scorpions/) are known to be mixed within the midst of the Wheat (The Many Membered Body)often even to the extreme of being born of the same mother. Examples: Cain & Abel- (Ishmael & Isaac)- Esau & Jacob ....., Those of the Worldand Israel (those with a postive embrace (relationship) with God,...

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This thread is dedicated to discuss these forces at work in current events.

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 (Spiritual and physical) Israel shall stand alone (together) by the Grace of God.

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Russia and Venezuela have been making bonds for the last two years. This is done in the name of the "New World Order" and consists of arms and energy deals. Just Today reports say Russia has made a deal to help Venezuela aquire nuclear energy technology and plants. Its common knowledge that Russsia has been doing the same with Iran, and North Korea (China)

The russia news network RT is known for bias reports that I have seen are very anti America. (Remain watchful, look at current events with the blueprint we were given)

Venezuela's firebrand President Hugo Chavez visited Iran on Tuesday to boost energy and trade ties, days after clinching a deal with Russia to build his country's first nuclear power plant.
Venezuela and Iran embrace a version of "NWO".

Venezuela behind shipment of arms to Iran
Venezuela an obvious center of Arms trade /possible port base for enemies of USA

"Israel has warned Russia of the possibility that an advanced air defense system it is planning to sell to Venezuela could eventually make its way to Iran, according to defense officials."- COULD??? .

Egyptian Pres. Mubarak steps down. He was known to keep the peace with Israel unlike others bourdering Israel. Many speak of this in postivity but the same views were held in other areas in the past that terrorist now possess (example Gaza).

Following Eygpts shift in power, Iranian (2)ships go through suez cannal, dock in Syria. At this time other areas send missles into Israel to attempt to spark conflict.

Libya is currently in Unrest. U.N. has stepped in with Force (no fly zone). update Kadaffi killed

Syria is currently in unrest (watch) with ties to Iran & Russia. tunisia was in unrest, along with many other nations influenced greatly by spirits of rebellion and confusion.

Pakistan- China/ US relations and priorities

As Iran has announced it plans to be moving nuclear products to a More secure location (Fordo- Iran) in which the process of building up enrichment will also greatly increase, A ship from N. Korea has been haulted and turned back which was heading for Burma (myanmar) with nuclear materials and technology suspected of heading to Iran (this is nothing new). We also know that in the past mahmoud ahmadinejad was a guest in N.Korea during nuclear tests.

--> Iranian officals <-- attempting to boast against Physical Israel with messages to its citizens that they should flee the middle east or face annihilation, and that they are surrounded by mujahedeen of islam bent on their destruction.

These radical comments from islam show how muhammad has perverted The Word of THe LORD. The wicked forces of the battle of Gog and magog in the Tanach and the N.T. are portrayed as soilders of allah in the quran.

We who embrace the Tanach (OT) and N.T. are told that these forces will surround (Phy. & Spiritual) Israel and will fall at the hands of The LORD who judges and saves. muslims believe that they will fight for their allah according to their racist and self righteous ideology of the devil. 

The (Spiritual and physical) war has been on. We aren't to fear he who can kill the physical body and after that have no more he can do. We also are not to embrace a earthly kingdom /king and his dominion/ (Matt.24:15-16 Lk.17:31/ Dan.9:27/ Dan.11:31).

Ez. 38 (identifications)

* Cush- Eithiopia (solalia, sudan)

* Phut- Lybia (Algeria, tunisha, morocco)

* Gomer- north of Asia Minor & east of Europe/ also descendants of Japheth

* Persia- Iran

* Gog- leader of Magog (political system/ beast/ bear / descendants of Esau (Russia and includes others)

* Meshech (Tubal)-  Russia

* Togarmah- Turkey (Armenia) also descended from Japheth


Rev.9 &16 ("Kings Of the east" /east of Euphrates/ would include (portions of Turkey, Syria,) Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afganistan, (china, india)

As you can see many of these are nations greatly influenced by islam with a deep seated hate for Israel.




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