I love the idea that faith and science complement each other.Do you find your faith challenged or reinforced by your study of science and other academic fields? (feel free to express reasons why!)


I see science being man's best attempt to document the Physical (creation) in a Physical way. Faith on the other hand depends on Spiritual "evidence" (Heb.11:1). I touch on this many places here at FriendsNChrist. Spirit both by (Hebrew and Greek) terminology relates directly to the wind. Wind is also symbolically used to describe spirit throughout the bible one example in is Jn.3 where The Spirit is liked unto the wind. You cant SEE the wind you can only observe it by its effects. The same is with the spirit. What is unseen yet exsists?

Many of these things are spiritual (examples: Love/Hate/envy, intelect, faith, ....). Of course there are things we cant see with our naked eye that arent spiritual but anyway.

Often times we see unbelievers ask for physical evidence of that which is Spirit. I think such people miss the point and value of Spirit.  

Within a single verse of the bible G-D told us the earth was round and the universe is expanding. THe latter wasnt scientifically proven until modern times (by nasa). THe following is a "nasa" scientists that stresses how he sees science confirming his religion.




When we compare Darwin's Words with modern science we see he is a great instrument to disprove his own theories by giving us standards that were latter met that he claimed himself would destory his theories. We also see terminology of old that applies to modern science like the "rib" in the beginning. The Hebrew word or rib means curve and we know know of DNA (and the helix curve) which makes good sense seeing as men and women have the same number of "ribs".


So this thread is here for others to express how they relate science to the Word of G-D and their faith. I encourage posts where scientists use and see Science confirming The Word and or their faith! Also open to posts demonstrating how scientists claim science may go against the Word. Lets get this party started!

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