No two people are at the same stage of their spiritual walk all the time. No Two people will agree on all things all the time. Christianity being about an ongoing individual relationship we can also find solace, growth and edification in fellowship.


I thought this thread could be a place where we can discuss (or document) levels (and or layers) of spirituality (and the Word).





I am passing the following on after coming across a post by: "Chris Johnson"



"The Greek text of the New Testament gives five words which depict various levels of spiritual growth, understanding or status. These words can be found in the verses listed in parenthesis below.

LEVEL 1: Nepios; An infant not yet able to speak; simple-minded. A "Nepios" is one who cannot care for him/herself in spiritual matters, and must be "milk-fed" the very basics of Christian fundamentals by someone else. A "Nepios" needs to have his or her spiritual food "pre-digested" or "broken down" by someone else in order to recieve it. (Matt 11:25, 21:16, Lk 10:21, Rom 2:20, 1 Cor 3:1, Heb 5:13) Strong's # 3516

LEVEL 2: Paidion; A young, half grown, or immature child at an age where self will is discovered, and is in need of constant watch and much discipline to keep him or her from getting into trouble. A "paidon" is able to handle a small amount of responsibility, but should not be given or assume any kind of authority in spiritual matters. (Matt 2:8, 18:2, Mk 9:24, 10:15, Lk 1:59, 2:17, Jn 4:49, 16:21) Strong's # 3813

LEVEL 3: Teknon; A child (as produced or adopted) who is of an age of accountability and responsibility. A "teknon" is one who is fairly grounded in the basic fundamentals of God's Word, and is adequately able to teach others on the lesser levels (1, 2, and 3) of spiritual understanding; but one who's eyes and ears have not been opened to the understanding of the deep, hidden mysteries of God's Word by the key of David (Isaiah 22:22, Rev 3:7). The veil which hides those deeper truths is not yet taken away from their eyes. (Lk 9:53-56, Jn 1:12, Eph 5:8, 1 Jh 3:10) Strong's # 5043

LEVEL 4: Huios; A son with whom authority is entrusted. A "huios" is well-grounded in the fundamentals of the Word of God. The "huios" are the "sons of Zadok", or "sons of the Very Elect of God." They are the 144,000(+) of Yahshua's Elect who have yet to be chosen and sealed out of the twelve tribes of Israel before the close of the present earth age at Christ's return. This "sealing" of the minds of this group of individuals is now currently underway, and will not be complete until the Very Elect of God the Father are delivered up before Satan the anti-Christ, to prophecy in testimony against him. The "son's of Zadok" will recieve the key of David when they hear "the Zadok" or "YaHVeH's Elect" prophecy in "tongues" that every person on the face of the earth will hear and understand. These "Sons of Zadok" will be given authority and responsibility as priests during Christ's Millennial kingdom reign; they will teach the billions of God's people, instructing them in the Truth for one thousand years, that they may overcome the final temptation of Satan when he is released one last time to try and decieve the People of God. (Ro 8:14,15, Gal 4:1-7, Eph 1:5) Strong's # 5207

LEVEL 5: Pater; Father or parent; signifying nourisher and protector of the well-being of his children; advanced in knowledge and wisdom. A "pater" is one of God the Father's Very Elect, whom were chosen (predestinated) from before the destruction of the previous earth age ("the paleolithic age"). A "pater" has been raised up in the understanding of the deeper Truths of our Father's Word. The "paters" or "fathers" have been given the key of David, (key to the Kingdom) and have had their eyes and ears opened to the deep, spiritual mysteries hidden to others. The "paters" (the Zadok) or 7000(+) Elect of YaHVeH are to be the only members of God's People who will fully endure the Tribulation Period--The time of Jacob's Trouble--WITHOUT BEING DECEIVED (God will in fact shorten the time of the Tribulation to keep even one of His 7000+ Elect from becoming deceived into worshipping Satan as Christ when Satan exhaults himself as "God" (the abomination of the Desolator). The "paters" are currently being used by our Father to sow seeds of Truth. They will be used as instruments of God to "wake up" and seal Christ's Chosen 144,000+ out of the Great Sea of billions of misguided and deceived Christians immediately prior to Satan's abominable act of claiming to be "Christ Himself". And they will rule as princes and kings along with Yahshua in His Millennial Kingdom, where they will lord over the 144,000+ priests (teachers), making sure the priests teach the Truth to the people of God for an entire 1000 years. (1 Jn 2:13, 1 Cor 4:15, 10:1, Heb 1:1, 3:9, 8:9, 12:9) Strong's #3962"



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(Is. Lists 7 spirits of growth and given in order of greatest value first 7 Spirits, Spirt of: 1) Rest (Of the LORD- Comfort), 2) Wisdom, 3) Understanding, 4) Councel, 5) Might, 6) Knowledge, 7) Fear of The LORD (Reverence- Love with awe.....( "fear")) "Fear is the begining" this grows into a loving relationship...... Our sages tell us that Torah can be interpreted in four different general ways: peshat, remez, drush and sod./ ... The Greek text of the New Testament gives five words which depict various levels of spiritual growth, understanding or status)
1) Peshat is the simple interpretation of the Torah. When the verse says (Genesis 1:1) that "In the beginning G‑d created the Heaven and Earth," it means exactly what it seems to mean, in a very literal sense.

Within these four methods of understanding Torah, there exist countless possible avenues of understanding
2) Remez is the different hints and allusions which are contained within the Torah. One of the methodologies the Torah employs to make these hints is gematryia, the numerical value of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. For example, the gematriya of "Bereshit bara" ("In the beginning He created)" is the same as "b'Rosh Hashanah nivra ha'olam" (on Rosh Hashanah the world was created)!"

Bereshit bara and b'Rosh Hashanah nivra are both 1116.

3) Drush (or Midrash) expounds upon the deeper meaning of the verse. The Hebrew word for "In the beginning" is bereshit. The midrash tells us that this word can be split into two words—b reshit. The Torah is telling us that the world was created for two ("b") "reshit"s ("firsts")—the Jews and the Torah. Although this is not the simple interpretation of the word, nevertheless it is a true and valid way of understanding the Torah.

4) Sod (secret) is the esoteric, mystical part of Torah. The Tikkunei Zohar (a book which gives seventy (!) different esoteric explanations for the word bereshit) explains that the word bereshit can also be split into "bara shis" (created [with] six). This is because the world was created through G‑d's six emotional powers: kindness, severity, beauty, victory, splendor and foundation.


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