Many times we see people who have an issue with a verse (of scripture) take the verse out of context (willingly or unwillingly). The simplicity of the gospel is known as the milk and yet we are encouraged to get into the meat (the many deeper laywers of truth). Anyway,

I often see messages that on the surface seem off the wall but with just a little (further) consideration the same message can carry many truths.

We are told that Paul taught on many levels (Torah/ Gospel/...) and that his ministry may be hard for some to understand (that are stuck in a culture gap, not familure with Both the Jewish culture and insight And the other cultures Paul related Torah and Gospel to).

Well what started this post is the following

 Well first off this just seems off the wall and many non Christians may attempt to use it to try and make Christians look ignorant and that they will believe anything if you just put it in a book and call it the bible. Well The Word is inspired. Im not talking about paper. We were told to Study to show ourselves approved and search to see if these things be true. Faith consisting of evidence (Heb.11:1).


But if you consider what this man said with a more open (spirit led) understanding then what he said Can make good sense! The bible has stood the test of time (when you study to show thyself approved) but i would rather have had him say "If the Word of G-D told me 2+2=5" rather than "bible" but in any case  I understand what he could have meant.

Man's knowledge is limited and we do our best to document facts with the limited knowledge and communication skills we have. Say "5" use to mean 4 way back before the seperation of languages and that no other numerics looked like the numerics we use today other than "2's". Then times goes by a new set of numerics is created (the prior lost and currently unknown) to communicate numbers and now 2 pluss 2 is 4. That still wouldnt negate the fact that 2 pluss 2 is 5. Yet with our limited knowledge and communication skills (and current numerics) this would seem luaghable.

Some may say then why mention something uknown and unable to comprehend as a truth.  Well Often times we have use of symbolizm in the bible that some critics like to take literal. Yet symbols are to relay a message and nothing G-D says in valueless. So say He gave us an *equation relative to our time or future events and that He used 2+2=5 in that Equation! Than only those who believe 5 =2+2 (=4) would get. Then those stuck in limted knowledge unwilling to "work it out" would miss the whole message!

 In mathematics, an equation is an equality containing one or more variables. Solving the equation consists of determining which values of the variables make the equality true. In this situation, variables are also known as unknowns and the values which satisfy the equality are known as solutions.

Basically anyone who studied or listened Would Get it! Even within modern Mathmatics its easy to see! Here is the equation:

2+2=X (X=4) now instead of X make the X a 5. The 5 being the X (variable), it makes perfect sense in a modern high school math class.


Two people can hear the same commentary but hear two different messages.

Where do we go from here?

Feel free to post biblical "equations", Things that on the surface can mean something totally out of the context to a reader who doesnt know scripture and or how to proper divide it, Symbology that many fail to get, Mesages that mean different things in differ cultures and needs to be applied to the culture and time of the message.

Truth seekers search things out. Wise men are led of the Spirit of truth. Feel free to share other examples! When one finds where *all scripture agrees on a subject they can say they relatively say they have the truth. So why so many interpretations? Feel free to single one out for discussion. Some common examples are "rapture" (with all the different doctrines pre mid post), the Godhead ("trinity", strict monotheisim, unitarism, polytheism, idolatry,..), Who is Yeshua/Jesus (YHVH, Elohim, a prophet, wise man, fictional...)

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ABBA FATHER DID YOUR SON SAY THIS......NO.......OKAY......The Father said know ya'll......

How easily a message can be misunderstood lol

I wanted to share how easily people accept things and just stick to them without even digging for the truth.

I am currently in a facebook group that is posting bible questions (multiple choice) and it seems that upon reading the questions the sheeple immediately come to one conclusion (based on what they have been told rather than indepth study). Probably conclusions we have all been presented with at one time or another. Also the choices don't always include the right answer so maybe some jump to conclusions based on that as well.

Anyway, examples:

 Well most of us know the scripture where Christ's asks his disciples who do you say that I am and Peter responds with you are the son of God the Messiah (Christ). 99% of the people all repeated "Peter based on that well known scripture and the choices provided. However, after i respond with:

"E, ANDREW- "He first found his own brother Simon (/peter... vs.40) and said to him, “We have found the Messiah (Christ)” " Jn.1:41. Peter ("D" Petros NOT Petra) didnt make the profession until much later/ Daniel ("B") also mentioned Messiah but didnt mention that Yeshua (Jesus) was Messiah" No one bats an eye and the "D Peter" chant continues on and on and on with 2 people choosing Daniel as well.

(The other example was taken down before i could share it here.) 

The question was "who was asked to sacrifice their son to G-d?"

I only remember two of the choices Pharaoh , Abraham,... But anyway

Maybe the one making the questions received edification and took it down cause again many were leaning unto the Modern English of Gen.22:2 when "him" wasnt in the early Hebrew texts and claiming that G-d told Abraham to slay Isaac. The texts never said that it said:

"And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer  him  there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of." Feel free to correct me (with the early texts), it was only implied that Isaac be slayed I dont see where G-D Told Abraham to slay Isaac at all.

Feel free to discuss


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