There are many titles (El, Elyon, Eloah, Elah,& Elohim and of course there is also the sacred name Yod Hey Vav Hey. Or Yah) in the Hebrew  (each showing a spacific divine relation) that are translated as "G-d" (G-D,or g-d)/ N.T. titles/ . So simply using the English term "G-d" can mean a range of things...

Elohim -("Theos" in Greek NT)- DIVINE judgement/ AUTHORITY (a plural that can be used as a singular) and includes all instruments of divine judgement (and that which is perceived as being of divine authority) like the Almighty of course, messiah, the angels, the messengers (prophets), the priests, and everyone in covenant/ it's translated as G-d, g-d, judges, (and even idol) .This is one of Many Hebrew titles that can't be substituted with the Arabic "Allah" which means The G-D Almighty Father (alone) on All is attributes (glory) .......


El- essentially The Almighty though never render as so without "Shaddai". El is Elohim in All strength and power. El is "G-d" the Omnipotent where Elohim is "G-d" putting omnipotence in operation. El is all the attributes of Elohim concentrated. El knows  and sees all (Gen. 14:18-22/ Gen16:13).......

Elah- (H#426) G-d in general (heathan G-d and or G-d of Israel)

Eloah- (H#433) G-d who wills worship of His people. Eloah is Elohim that is to be worshiped(Deut.32:15,17) Eloah is G-d in connection with his will Rather than his power. It's the title used when there is a contrast between false gods and G-d......


Elyon- Most High (G-d). It is El / Elohim not as powerful creator but as possessor of heaven and earth and divides the nations their inheritance the dispenser of blessings in the earth......


Hashem (Y.H.V.H) is The G-d in all His titles and attributes.- I Am That I Am / I will be (come) what (who, where) I will be (come). I Am all and all unto you, the self existing one. The Almighty (Father) and source (completion) of All things...... So muslims are being ignorant when they try to apply "Allah" to every place the bible mentions G-D,G-d, or g-d it just doesn't work unless you want to call all messengers Allah unless you want to say Allah is creator but not possessor cause we use spacific titles to show spacific divine relations that don't include others. Though the Arabic title Allah relates the the sacrifice name we as believers know the Allah of Muhammad's ideology is not the G-D of Abraham Isaac and Israel but rather even a perversion of the Arabic "Allah"...................


If you want to mention LORD, Lord, or lord that's another subject (Adonai, Adoni, Adon, and Adonim) but it should be known all are in relation to creation (as IN the earth) and Y.H.V.H. uses many phy. instruments to carry out His Will in relation to creation./G-d is One/ G-d is Spirit

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