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Islam= peace or hate?

Surah 48:29 "be severe against disbelievers (non-muslims) yet are merciful among themselves" (muslims) Matt.5 That ye may be the children…

Started by His_Will

23 Mar 14
Reply by William H.

FILTH of islam

  In Islam: One should remove the feces on one's anus with with one's finger and wash one's hand. If there are still traces of filth, one s…

Started by His_Will

3 Dec 5, 2017
Reply by William H.

Coverings for women?

I couldn't personally careless what an indiviual wants to wear but an "Id" is no place for a burka.

Started by William H.

21 Nov 5, 2017
Reply by William H.

Islamic Heaven isn't The Kingdom

I find islamic heaven to be materialistic, prideful, and Ignorant of the concept of a Spiritual kingdom. Feel free to reply or share your t…

Started by William H.

3 Oct 24, 2017
Reply by William H.

Women in islam

Sura 4 (An-Nisa') verse 24 Tanwîr al-Miqbâs min Tafsîr Ibn ‘Abbâs   (And all married women (are forbidden unto you save those (captives) w…

Started by His_Will

11 Oct 13, 2017
Reply by William H.

Muslim Ishmael

Many "muslims" claim Ishmael was first Arab, a prophet, and ancestor of muhammad. Fact is Ishmael learned Arabic from a specific Arab tribe…

Started by William H.

0 Sep 1, 2017

Is the quran unprotected or unaltered?

Muslims like to make alot of claims about islam without Any evidence. Feel free to discuss the Claim that the quran is inspired and unalt…

Started by His_Will

9 Aug 31, 2017
Reply by William H.

Rule of altering in islam (substitution)

According to the rule of replacement theology in islam, which mohammad says is the proper way to interprete the Quran (and muslim sources)-…

Started by William H.

7 Feb 28, 2017
Reply by William H.

muhammad died the death of a False Prophet

Back up mirror of video   According to islamic sources muhammad died the death of a false prophet. The quran…

Started by His_Will

8 Nov 26, 2016
Reply by His_Will

Deceit (LIES) are encouraged in islam

islam teaches it is okay to Lie to deceive non muslims, and to lie to loved ones to avoid harsh truths. This is called TAQIYYA (ta-key-yah…

Started by William H.

13 Jul 28, 2016
Reply by William H.


Praise (Music)

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