Let us share signs and evidence of how the world system, organizations and individuals are attacking the Christian Faith.  Matt.5:10


The UK has installed laws regulating (against) organized faith works and gatherings. Remember the the 1st and major oath of the Royalty there was to be a protector of the Faith! The same faith which was the subject of the "King James Bible" so what happened?
(example:- the racial and religious hate bill - Europe is currently deporting christians who come into Europe for reasons of concerts ((March 2,2009 Don Francisco -christian singer-arrived alongside with many children for a Christian musical- detained 9 hrs- searched photgraphed, finger printed- armed guards put him on a plane and sent him home.)) and helping the needy ((march1 2009 - Christian Group from Arkansas- arrived in Edinburgh,Scotland to work in soup kitchens- turned back...) , both of these were victims to new regulations cuasing "religious workers" to Register, pay a Fee, and obtain a Work Visa.
In Australia the laws are civil in Europe they are criminal (7yrs in prision /max./).
The system against faith is overwhelming the people with so many concerns that they cant band together for a single cause. Notice the Wars the West is involved in, Economics, politics, health, enviroment, "equal rights", morals, what is taught in the educational system, basic freedoms, ..... It seems is has become taboo to mention faith in The LORD yet such subjects as witchcraft, homosexuality, murder, gangs, drugs, porn,... all have become common place within the entertainment fields.



Persecution blog- http://friendsnchrist.ning.com/profiles/blogs/persecution-1 ..


While attacks on the faithful are being wadged the enemy is being assisted!
Note: God is being taken out of schools and we are told we can share the word yet your kids are taught evolution.
Evoultion has been proven to not add up full of missing links and gaps. Pull it from school lessons. Do the faithful have no voice? True there is an issue on who you want preaching to your kids so leave the subject open as far as schools go. Then the youth will be lead to ask these questions and will perhaps cross paths with those with God's Word when they seek out the answers! Parents stand up.
The world system seeks to brainwash all minds and God's word remains their loose end:)

It is praised to blame faith for the problems of the world and not evil ideologies. The enemy infultrates congregations and titles of the faithful to pervert them and give them a bad image. Steriotypes and labels are common place when mentioning one of faith grouping them together with those who are nothing like unto them.

Obama has disrespected Christianity often (yet those of the world have not eyes and ears to understand). Christianity is the weakness of the earthly kings that seek to set up the one world system. It will be set up, it will recieve a death blow, it will be revived- this much we know Yet we have much need to Watch them play their part.

Matthew 10:16
Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

Those who embrace the world (system will have smooth sailing).
Where are your priorities?

This man has a twisted and perverted view of God's Word (Christ). Our constitution reflects the commandments of God.
The ways of the world (Laws of the land) 2nd to the laws of God.
do you follow man or God?
unbroken speech- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvKX16Eygs0

Know God's will be done.! (YHVH /YHWH/ - he who's will shall be done- The alpha and Omega)
Prophacy will come to pass/ Use discernment with all things you hear on youtube and in the media, and the issues sent forth in the name of politics.

The enemy loves to creep in among the sheep.

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LaBrock: a Christain martyr says "I will die for what i believe" murderers say "You will die for what I believe"!!^1

Christian persecution in China
1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX9OqTgVIH0
2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fw7stIzPAU
3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GwEHibmCCk
4) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vuQDAC45tA

There is a huge growth in Cristianity in China, but its members are not strangers to persecution.


A MUST SEE (islam has crept in among you and dares you to stand against it)
This is a call to ACTION. Be Free Of Islam
Police in Pakistan rape a female Christian after bringing a false case against them and her husband is burned alive in front of police station.
http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_fort_carson_cross -"Army symbol is religious, should be changed"


"Pennsylvania photo altered to fog Ten Commandments"
http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=52978 .

Voters will decide on other public display of the commandments.
http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=52640 .

2009 Sharia in USA
unedited version 2009




(Just more ways in which this nation is bowing to satan. Stand against what islam stands for)

Lybia has the death penalty in place in responce to Christian proselytizing. Iran and other (Sharia)countries do as well.


Israel has an anti missionary law in responce to Christian and muslim "proselytizing". Pushing religion on others is one thing but speaking with those interested is another.  (Israel remains a major location of intrest to the Christain (and islamic) faith. Israel makes alot of money off of Christian tourisim annually yet the Jewish orthadox community reacts to the growing Messianic movement in very aggresive (many times Violent) ways.There are basically two standards not to cross according to Israeli law.

1) No one can offer a material inducement for someone to change their religion

(you can basically talk all you want but be careful of Documentation) 

2) No one can discuss changing religion with a minor (under 18 years of age) without their parents' permission.

The USA has the "International Religious Freedom Act" in place in support of its citizens around the world that focuss on their faith wherever they be.

"Georgia parks officials say they've ordered Bibles to be removed from guest rooms at state lodges and cabins across the state after a resident expressed concern."

Strange how A resident's concerns effects and over rides others views and local precedence (no one was making them read it). As long as the lodges are state run i guess the state has the right to cater to the liberal offense to The Word. Just a sign of the times. History has shown as a nation strays from G-d the nation faces the effects. So Be It

Whats the people say? The bibles should Stay or Go?

Obama bipassed congress once again and has now signed an executive ("LGBT") order which will basically forbid churches and religious organizations from not accepting homosexual lifestyles. Basically telling "churches" they will marry and accept homosexuals or else. Obama is obviously attacking the moral foundations of religious communities. He is purposely destroy the usa from within. It has now become patriotic to be against the commander and chief (president of the united states). He has failed his oath of office. He has not protected our rights. He has not protected our citizens from enemies forgien and domestic (forget about bengazi right?). He has constantly bi passed congress and the constitution. I know that the usa is under judgement but may judgement also come to this man for his actions.... Say so long to the usa of old.

Muslims make alot of claims (out of ignorance). One such claim is that Yeshua is not the creator. Yeshua does the will of the Father. That will is Divine (G-d). Lets see how the muslim claim deals with the Word of G-d (shall we)!


Shouldn't muslims know their own sources before claiming to speak for Islam? Surah 4.171 & 3.45 (3.39) & Tafsir Ibn Kathir... All state that Yeshua (Jesus/ Isa) is the Word of G-D (Allah) and it also tells you that By His Word he creates. He simpley says Be and a thing Is. Yeshua is Adon (Lord as IN the earth). This is How Elah does his Works in the physical. YHVH (Elah/ Allah) is Spirit and isnt limited to being within his own creation. Yeshua is his direct representation IN the earth (Emmanuel). For SPIRIT to interact in the Physical in a Physical way an instrument (vehicle) is used. We as men (with Spirits) know an example of this is flesh. Thats what our Spirit uses to interact in the physical in a physical way. Yeshua is Messiah and that Spiritual postion exsisted long before the physical birth of the Man Yeshua (Isa). The Word is clear that Yeshua (The Word) is the means by which G-D creates. The physical "creation" of the man Yeshua didnt take place at his birth. His physical birth is the effect of a Spirit coming to dwell in the womb of Mary. Thus the creation of his physical body relates back to the creation of Adam (thats why he is called son of Adam/man). It doesnt relate to the creation of the annointing that is Messiah. There are two ways to speak of Yeshua (Isa). 1) The Physical humanity of the Man. 2) the Spiritual postion of Messiah (the anointing). Problem is like the quran says, Muslims struggle to comprehend the SPIRIT (of inspiration).

Also muslims are told Isa gave life, that he made a form of a bird and gave it life.

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