Muslims like to make alot of claims about islam without Any evidence.

Feel free to discuss the Claim that the quran is inspired and unaltered here.

How can a muslims say The Word (bible and Tanakh) of the Jews and Christians is altered and not inspired when their quran says it IS inspired?

Quran declares the Bible to be a true revelation of God and demands faith in the Bible. Sura 2:40-42,126,136,285; 3:3,71,93; 4:47,136; 5:47-51, 69,71-72; 6:91; 10:37,94; 21:7; 29:45,46; 35:31; 46:11

So when they say our sources are altered they are saying the Quran is garbage!


Which Torah and Gospel are affirmed by the Qur'an? When the Qur'an commands Jews to judge by the Torah (5:43-44) and commands Christians to judge by the Gospel (5:47), which Torah and Gospel are we supposed to judge by? Since the "Book" that Christians and Jews read takes precedence even over the Qur'an (10:94)  for Jews and Christians, can muslims tell us what it is????????????  (it obviously exsisted in the days of Muhammad as well as The Bible Jews have today did and the gospel Christians have today did!) ... All the earliest texts dated back to before Muhammad and all the books of the Bible were written by 96 AD meaning during the lifetime of the Apostles. We have no documented complete Quran until 200 plus years after the death of Muhammad. 

Surah 2:21

When it is said to them, "Believe in what Allah Hath sent down, "they say, "We believe in what was sent down to us:" yet they reject all besides, even if it be Truth confirming what is with them.

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TEXT NOTES of vids

Muslims use Surah 15:9 to claim quran is unchanged
"We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption). "
Inna nahnu nazzalna alththikrawa-inna lahu lahafithoona

21:105 Adh-Dhikr (a name of of book/ translated as Torah )
" And indeed We have written in Az-Zabur (Psalms) after Adh-Dhikr (Torah) that My righteous servants shall inherit the land."
"Walaqad katabna fee alzzaboori min baAAdi alththikri anna alarda yarithuha AAibadiya alssalihoona "

So they cant say this can only mean the quran. at best they would have to say it could mean every scripture sent down is protected. Yet the quran contridicts the Tanakh, and the Bible instead of confirming.
What happened to the chapter on breast feeding which was eaten by a goat (lamb).
What about the chapter on stoning to death?
Can a muslim recite these chapters?? NO cause they no longer have them!
SahihalBukhari (Book- those who wage war amongst the disbelievers) #6401
Clearly states: people may say over time that they cant find the verses on Rajim (Stoning to death) seeing as its not in the Quran so the hadith goes on to give a fatwa

so the quran was destroyed / currupted:)
Hadith #2308 book of Kanez al Omal
Quran is a thousand thousand letter and seven thousand letter and who say them Allah will give him for each letter two female whore in heaven./ (1 Million 1,027 ,000 letters) which is nowhere near the size of Quran.
Yet notice that the dead sea scrolls confirm all its portions of Jewish scriptures.
According to Mohammed’s wife ‘Aisha, one Sura had 200 verses. By ‘Uthman’s time, it only had 73. One can read this in the book Islam p.191ff by the skeptic Guillaume.

Sura 4:46 (To change words from their place is to alter the Quran)
The earliest verse that was revealed in not placed first in the quran so again someone played with it.
the message came down in 7 letters 6 of which were destroyed by man

sahih al muslim 2286 (2 Chapters missing cause they were forgotten)

Ibn Sa'd, Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir, vol2 p 444 (reading todays Quran is to be decieved)

Jami At-Tirmidhi 3104 (avoid coping and reading the deceptive version of Quran today)

Sunan Ibn Majah 1944 verses of stoning and breastfeeding were eaten by a goat (lamb)

Sahih AlBukhari 6.61.510 (some copies of Quran ordered to be burnt)
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 510:

Isa is NOT Jesus. muhammad has taken from many sources of faith. muhammad makes the characters of the Tanakh and the N.T. into completely different characters. The qur’an claims Isa is the one Christians know as Jesus The Christ, yet muhammad claimed to be exhauted above him in the heavens just like the ideology of Lucifer in the Tanakh. islam claims Christ did not pay the price on the cross. muslims are told they should study Isa’s teachings and obey them(Surah 3:48-49; 5:46). What does the Qur’an say about Isa?
Allah sent Isa, supporting Him with the Holy Spirit (Surah 2:87)
Allah exalted Isa (Surah 2:253)
Isa was righteous and sinless (Surah 3:46; 6:85; 19:19)
Isa was raised from the dead (Surah 19:33-34)
Allah commanded Isa to establish a religion (Surah 42:13)
Isa ascended into heaven (Surah 4:157-158) yet muhammad went to the seventh and Christ is noted in a much lower level.

Isa’s teachings were recorded by His disciples in the Injeel (Gospel). Surah 5:111 states that the disciples were inspired by Allah to believe in Isa and His message (Yet quran says allah made it seem to them that Christ had died on the cross that it wasnt him though) The quran completely conridicts the Bible and they are both anti the other. As Allah’s helpers (Surah 61:6, 14), Isa’s disciples would have accurately recorded His teaching.

The Qur’an instructs Muslims to uphold and obey both the Torah and the Gospels (Surah 5:44-48).

muhammad was nothing more than a perverted, self proclaimed prophet and his fruits and ideologies were wicked.

When Ibn Umar—son of the second Muslim caliph—heard people declaring that they knew the entire Qur’an, he said to them: “Let none of you say, ‘I have learned the whole of the Koran,’ for how does he know what the whole of it is, when much of it has disappeared? Let him rather say, ‘I have learned what is extant thereof.


One of Muhammad’s companions, Abu Musa, said that the early Muslims forgot two surahs (chapters) due to laziness:

Abu Musa al-Ash’ari sent for the reciters of Basra. They came to him and they were three hundred in number. They recited the Qur’an and he said: You are the best among the inhabitants of Basra, for you are the reciters among them. So continue to recite it. (But bear in mind) that your reciting for a long time may not harden your hearts as were hardened the hearts of those before you. We used to recite a surah which resembled in length and severity to (Surah) Bara’at. I have, however, forgotten it with the exception of this which I remember out of it: “If there were two valleys full of riches, for the son of Adam, he would long for a third valley, and nothing would fill the stomach of the son of Adam but dust.” And we used to recite a surah which resembled one of the surahs of Musabbihat, and I have forgotten it


Muhammad’s wife Aisha said that roughly two-thirds of Surah 33 was lost:

A’isha . . . said, “Surat al-Ahzab (xxxiii) used to be recited in the time of the Prophet with two hundred verses, but when Uthman wrote out the codices he was unable to procure more of it than there is in it today [i.e. 73 verses]


It was narrated that Aishah said: “The Verse of stoning and of breastfeeding an adult ten times was revealed, and the paper was with me under my pillow. When the Messenger of Allah died, we were preoccupied with his death, and a tame sheep came in and ate it.”


Incomplete verses?

Surah 33:6 declares that “The Prophet is closer to the Believers than their own selves, and his wives are their mothers.” However, Ubayy ibn Ka’b and other early Muslims held that a phrase (“and he is a father of them”) is missing from this verse. Even the great translator Yusuf Ali admits this in his commentary. Ali writes: “In some Qira’ahs, like that of Ubayy ibn Ka’ab, occur also the words ‘and he is a father of them,’ which imply his spiritual relationship and connection with the words ‘and his wives are their mothers.


(The first verse revealed is not first verse in quran and the standard is to change the place of a verse is to pervert the source. And islam claims the first 5 verses of Al Alaq /96th Surah) are te first 5 revealed to Muhammad so them being the 96th surah would be perversion, not to mention would also break down standard of replacing something with something better/ abrogation)

Which Quran version,& which translation?

perhaps useless info: Scholars have different opinions about the number of the Quranic verses. But this conflict is just about “numerating” the verses. All the scholars are in agreement about the content and originality of Quran. Besides, there are so many evidences proving that Quran has never been distorted, as it will never be.
Here are some points about the difference:
Some scholars numerated the long sentences as two or three verses, while some others regarded them as one whole verse.
Besides, Shafii scholars regarded “basmala” (1) as a part of each sura and didn’t numerate them. But the Hanafi scholars regarded each Basmala as specific verses, so counted them.
It’s the same about the huruf-u muqattaa (some secret letters which are written in the beginning of some suras like ”Ya sin, ha mim”.) Some scholars numerated them as specific verses, while the others not.
The number of the verses according to Scholars:
Ibn-i Abbas (ra): 6616,
Nafi (ra): 6217,
Shayba (ra): 6214,
Scholars of Egypt (ra): 6226,
Zamahshari (ra) (the genius Eloquence Scholar of the Arabic language and literature); 6666.
Bediuzzaman, mujaddid (the reformer) of the 13.century, also has the opinion of 6666 verses.
Ibn-i Huzeyme, one of the big imams, made the following explanations on “6666” issue while handling the “Quran’s miracle of number” topic of his book titled “An Nasih wa’l Mansuh”:
There are 1000 verses about promising (wa’ad);
1000 about threat (wa’id);
1000 command (amr) verses;
1000 forbiddance (nahy) verses;
1000 information and story verses;
1000 warning and example verses;
500 verses about ruling;
100 verses about invocation and glorification;
66 “nasih and mansuh” ("the abrogating and abrogated") verses.
Totally there are 6666 verses in the Quran.
Consequently, the expression “Quran has 6666 verses.” is based on the mentioned points.
But today, accepting the opinion of Kufa, all Qurans consist of 6236 verses.
Muslim :: Book 4 : Hadith 1789

Ubayy B. Ka'b reported:

 Allah has commanded you to recite to your people the Qur'an in one dialect. Upon this he said: I ask from Allah pardon and forgiveness. My people are not capable of doing it. He then came for the second time and said: Allah has commanded you that you should recite the Qur'an to your people in two dialects. Upon this he (the Holy prophet) again said: I seek pardon and forgiveness from Allah, my people would not be able to do so. He (Gabriel) came for the third time and said: Allah has commanded you to recite the Qur'an to your people in three dialects. Upon this he said: I ask pardon and forgiveness from Allah. My people would not be able to do it. He then came to him for the fourth time and said: Allah has commanded you to recite the Qur'an to your people in seven dialects, and in whichever dialect they would recite, they would be right.

Broken islamic history of quran and muhammad


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