Who is Neutrei Karta and why do we only here of them through muslim extremists?

Political Views?

Neutrei Karta proclaims to be a sect of Judaism which believes that the current (poliical) state of Israel is against the will of Hashem (We as Christians KNOW his kingdom is not of this world). Neutrei Karta causes confusion by perverting concepts and facts. They say "the zionist state doesnt represent Judaism". I agree, the Political state of Israel isnt Judaism, NEITHER IS Neturei Karta's Political views. This is why Neturei Karta is seen as a bunch of outcasts within the majority of Jewish sects. BTW, NO ONE IS CLAIMING the political state is the Spiritual kingdom or that it is the Levitical priesthood (so his points are vanity).

Religious views?

 To anyone who knows and believes the bible, more than 10 prophacies (which are documented here at Friendsnchrist) were fulfilled with the independance (1948) of the Physical (political) state of Israel (again Not to claim its the promise) and it sets forth other things to come to pass (many of which are negative). So Neturei Karta isnt only wrong politically it lacks understanding of the times in which we live (time of the gentiles/ btw Israel isnt just "Jewish).

I know members of this sect honestly want "peace". My personal view is that in their quest for "peace" they are supporting the stances of terrorists and also attempting to speak against negatives that Must come to pass all in the name of religion. 

The Word tells us a false "peace" is coming prior to the true Messiah's return. Nuetrei Karta seeks this false peace (Apostacy) today. They see these current events which we have been foretold of in the Word as being out of harmony with their ideology. So ask yourself, do you consider Neutrei Karta to be your watchmen? The only ones who I have noticed supporting Neutrei Karta are terrorists with a "Palestinian" agenda, those who seek "peace" weather it be false or true, and or Neutrei Karta members themselves.

Recently Neutrei Karta leaders met with Ahmadinejad and told him: "only by, because of the holocaust, the death of so many leaders that the Jews unfortunatly fell pray to the power of zionisim..." Guess no one told the "rabbi" that Ahmadinejad DoesNT believe in the holocaust! During this bonding the neutrei karta gave a silver sacrifice unto the leader of Iran (a bowl).


 Neturei Karta is sometimes confused with Satmar, due to both being anti-Zionist

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Muslims continue to post rhetoric from n.k. to support their hate for the state of Israel. Neturei Karta memebers stress the fact that the government of the state of Israel is not according to the standards of Torah which made the priesthood the government (and Torah the binding law). They dont respect a secular government. They as all Jews still look forward to a Jewish homeland in Paradise (covenant with Hashem). Their version of Israel would look more like a sharia state (stoning people to death or certain offenses and so forth). They are living in the past and dont understand G-D's will during the times (of the gentiles) and how the state of Israel is fulfillment of prophacy and sets the stage for other things that must come to pass. These people are seen as outcasts by the majority of Jews. Interestingly enough many of them live in the state of Israel which shows them to be hypocrites. They also live in slums, often surviving off of handouts and persecuting people that dont believe the way they do (men women and kids). They stress the importance of having children but often cant even provide for them. They are not good examples of humanity but rather a self righteous people like a great number of muslims


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