Seems every so many years the media highlights spacific cases only to breed racial tensions.

I recently saw this posted on facebook in responce to current racial tensions stemming from the (black) young (Unarmed) man that was shot by a (white) cop.


"Things that make you go hmmm.?"


Often times rationalizations can sound well thought out and logical to people while the fact is these people are being HAD. After reading the post I only ask do You Believe this? .....

So am I to believe the (white) guy that shot up the movie theatre wasnt shot simpley cause he is white (where is the logic/evidence of that) and that black men in general get shot cause they are Black???

I dont doubt that there has at times been a racist cop that did such things, However I'm not so embedded into a cause that I dont see that these interpretations of this one (movie theatre) event in comparison to black men in *general (Isolated events involving blacks) is a racist stereotype used to fuel Hate/Rage for police (& whites) in general? MLK knew better than to Fall for this type of ploy! I see a Real Problem with the viewpoint of the post (and im concerned that people actually would teach this type of delussion to thier brothers and sisters. It will only lead to problems for them and those they come in contact with).

Unarmed (white) people (EXAMPLE: James Whitehead) have been shot by (black) police (EXAMPLE: Robert Arnold) as well so why dont you see (white) people pulling the race card against blacks and making such broad based stereotypes ("Hmmmm", Interesting uh?).

Fact is Many people are willing to speak out against injustice (concerning these isolated events) but when those who adopt a certain cause are Unjust within their own ways it actually turns me OFF to the Real issue and original problem and causes me to move on with my life away from their agenda and ideolgies. Since when does speaking out about one injustice require that you support another?

I have seen that those who relate to being victims of racisim and prejudice often become aggressors of it & teach younger generations and their brothers and sisters to become aggressors in it.

I dont make race an issue and this website will Not allow racist agendas. I honestly care little about these type of subjects but after seeing this post and how it pushes people in the wrong way yet gives them a sense of doing good I had to vent.

So interested in others comments in relation to the post perhaps but more interested in why (if) the media seems to choose racially sensative stories to Highlight almost as if they are gauging he responce. I dont know if their is a power structure in process that feels it needs to destroy the current state of the usa (which is being done with leaps and bounds from within) in order to form a new structure that would more comply with the "N.W.O." (4th Beast) but if so race tensions would cetainly be a trick in the bag. Progress can alway reach a dilacate stage in which implosion can result.....

Just think this nation currently has a Black president! This nation also has many enemies (both foreign and domestic). Enemies that know it only takes one major race issue to cause unrest across this nation.

United we stand divided "we" fall.

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