Great study tools and literature. Below is a list of sources that one "Shepherd's Chapel" makes availiable for you. FriendsNChrist is not a part of The Chapel (however i do respect the ministry there and would like to pass this on.

All orders can ONLY be done through the "shepherds chapel": to order/ (800) 643-4645

The OFFICAL website to S.C.N. is Prices may change i wouldn't know cause again these tools are provided through the chapel NOT friendsnChrist. The prices are retail so if you are a member of the chapel you may want to tithe to them as well when you order FROM THEM.


Book #/ ___Title -author price

44.10____America B.C.-Dr.Barry Fell $15.00

3_____Apocrypha-Edgar J. Goodspeed $15

44.04__All That Remains-Robert L. Pyle $20.00

44.07__Atlas of the Bible Lands-Hammond $15.00

4_____Biblical MathematicsEd F. Vallowe $10.00

41.00__Celt, Druid & Culdee-J.H. Elder $10

1.00___Compaion Bible KJV-Kregel Pub. $100.00 (Black, bonded leather)

1.01__C.Bible (Burgundy, bonded leather) 100 also

1.02__C.Bible (Indxed, Burgundy- leather) 110

1.03__C.Bible (Indexed, Black) 110.

1.04__C.Bible (Large Print- Hardback) 100

30___Dan the Pioneers of Israel-Colonel J.C. Gawler $5

44.14___Discovering God's Natural Truth- Phyllis McCullough Downing $12

23___Discory of Acient America-David Deal $15

22___Drama of the Lost Disciples-George F. Jowett $17

43___Figures of Speech Used in the Bible-E. W. Bullinger $25

35___ Giant Print KJV red letter Thomas N. $30

35.06__Giant Print KJV red letter indexed leather Thomas 50.00

21.01___Greek Lexicon & Concordance NT-E.W. Bullinger $35

9.01__Green's Interlinear NT-Baker Book House $25

9.03__Green's Interlinear 4 volume OT & NT-Hendrickson $120

21__How to Enjoy the Bible-E.W. Bullinger $20

5__Incredible Cover-Up-Dave MacPherson $10

29____Judah's Sceptre.Joseph's Birthright-J.H. Allen $15

12___King James 1611 -Thomas Nelson $25

16___Moffatt Bible-Kregel Pub. $30

47___North American Sun Kings-Joseph Mahan $35

37___Number in Scripture-E.W. Bullinger $12

18___One Man's Destiny-C.R. Dickey $15

5.01__Rapture Plot-Dave MacPherson $15

10___Sargon the Magnificent-Mrs. Sydney Bristowe $15

44.09__Serenity New Testament-Thomas Nelson $15

15____Smith's Bible Dictionary-Thomas Nelson $15

28___St. Paul in Britain-R.W. Morgan $10

19___Strange Parallel-Helene Kopajan $10

2___Strong's Concordance-. $35 44.15___(large print -35).-Thomas Nelson Pub.

42___Witness of the Stars-E.W. Bullinger $15

_____________E. Raymond Capt.________

8___Abrahamic Covenant $10

27__Gemstones in the Breatplate $10

17__Glory of the Stars $10

13__Great Pyramid Decoded $10

26__Jacobs Pillar $10

25__King Solomon's Temple $10

31__Lost Chapter of Acts $5.00
14.01__Missing links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets $12

32__Our Great Seal $12

20__Petra $10

8.01__Scottish Declaration of Independance $5

14__Study in Pyramidology $15

24__Stonehenge and Druidisim $10

6__Traditions of Glastonbury $10


Some of these study tools can be found in the links in the study tool margin located to the right on all pages of this website.

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Peace of The LORD be with Pastor Arnold Murray, his Family and friends. I thank The Good LORD for His works through Arnold Murray in my life. 1love


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