Most all of us have seen the studies on the names and their meanings from Adam to Noah at least.

Adam- Man
Seth- Appointed
Enos- Mortal
Cainan- Sorrow
Mahalaleel- The Blessed God
Jared- Shall come down
Enoch- Teaching
Methuselah- His death shall bring
Lamech- The Despairing
Noah- Comfort (rest)


*Shem (son of Noah) *Ar-phax'-ad *Ca-i-nan *Sa'-la *He'-ber *Pha'-lec *Ra'-gau *Sa'-ruch *Na'-chor *Tha'-ra


*Known (As) * (The) Healer *Possessor (dwelling)*(Of The) Branches* (In Fellowship)to be joined together, fellowship with* (By) Division (set apart ones)* (Of The) Shepherd (guided by)*(a/THE) branch (Vine)* snort, snore (the) (Oneness Of Breath /Takes In)* Thara is the Greek form of Terah which has unknown meaning and is widely guessed at /Tor- Dove and Ruah (Ruach) meaning breath, wind and or Spirit gives a good clue! (The Holy Spirit/ The Many Membered Body)


*Abraham (son of Tha'-ra)* Isaac * Jacob- Israel/

* The Father Of Many Nations* Finds Pleasure* In A Relationship with The LORD

_______side note____

Jacob= Israel/ (12 Sons)

Reuben/ Simeon/ Levi/ Judah/ born of Leah

Dan/ Nathtali/ born of Bilhah

Gad/ Asher/ born of Zilpah

Issacher/ Zebulon/ born of Leah

Joseph (double portion split into Ephraim and Manassah)/ Benjamin/ born of Rachel

Dinah only daughter born of Leah

_______side note____

From here we can join in Moses's line at Levi which means Join together to see what is found there! *Levi * Kohath * Amram * Moses * Gershom * Shebuel

*Joined together * an assembly, * a glorious people* Drawn from the water * Strangers in a strange land * captives delivered By God

_________side note____

Below is a video that attempts to track the line from Adam to Christ with meaning of the Hebrew names but it doesnt use Mary's (blood) line (Lk.3) it only uses Joseph's (Matt.1). I will use both and show meanings that the vid lacks.


This is a quick rough draft, so feel free to contribute points of interest. I will go through the seedline of Both Lk.3 (Mary's side/ Physical blood) and Joseph's Side legal Father Matt.1) covering the areas in which they branch off Lk.3:31... and Matt.1:6....Its evident they used Joseph's line at 5:49 in the video / After David they went to Solomon instead of Nathan.


Lets pick up where I left off. So I will back up to Judah- son of Jacob and go from there using the outline in the vid until I contribute Mary's line instead of Joseph's and again you will see the difference (from step father Joseph) starting at Nathan. This in no way is ignoring Joseph and his presence but we all know Joseph was NOT the biological Father to Christ but rather was a legal father due to marriage (two legal lines). I just dont want to ignore Marys line and any message found there. (keep in mind this is a rough draft with a few loose ends where i may share a range of options.

Starting from Juda (Son of Jacob) on the vid:


*Judah  (son of Jacob) *Pha'-res *Es'-rom *A'-ram *A-min'-a-dab *Na-as'-son *Sal'-mon *Bo'-oz *O-bed *Jesse *David/


*One who praises The LORD* Breaks open * the enclosure *from on high * of his flock by presenting himself * The WORD of God *clothed of God* (as) Kinsmen Redeemer* who serves (The LORD)* in his office * in LOVE.

_______continueing through Mary's line__ not on vid____


*Given (Nathan son of David)* (Matatha)Hidden* (Menan) Revelations* (of) acceptance/ relations/ Praise* (of The) God of Raising (Resurrection)* (as a) Dove* adding to / with* The Praise To God / (by) Faith* (to those who/ by) Hearing * Gathered * (by the) gift of Yah* Yah Raised up * A mediator* To Redeem (fulfill* (the) watchful (those who) embrace God (aware)* (from) slumber (death)* (and) devine sentance (oracle/ fee/ reward/divination/ price)* (as a trap snare) or Putting on (ornament/ outfit/ headstall)* Crown (royalty)* (of) Light of Yah (life)* (through) I asked God (confession/ repentance)* From Babylon! (from bable, confusion, darkness)* (from) Yah's curse * (unto) Yah Favors (/GRACE= unmerited undeserving favor!/) * One who Praises Yah* adding to (and recieved)* Famous (acknowledgement/ Favor!/ Glory)* (by the) Gift of Yah* Yah judged (at judgement)* Justly Upright (of the upright)Righteously* (with) Eyes towards YHVH* (with/in) Comfort* (and) Strength* (in the) Gift of Yah* Adding to (Over/by)* To be violent (destruction/ vexation/ wrath/ THE SWORD, rod)* (of the) King* Joined together* Yah will shine (in Yah's Glory)* on high* adding to (with)* SALVATION!

_________all of which comes from the names Nathan- Jesus Lk.3:31-23< as follows___

"*Jesus* Joseph (Mary-Lk.3:23- as was supposed -why? cause Joseph wasN'T the physical father only physical parent was Mary)* Heli (Mary's Dad)* Mat-that* Levi* Mel-chi* Jan-na* Joseph* Mat-ta-thi-as* Amos* Naum* Esli* Nag-ge* Ma-ath* Mat-ta-thi-as* Semei* Joseph* Juda* Jo-an-na* Rhe-sa * Zo-rob-a-bel* Sa-la-thi-el* Ne-ri* Mel- chi* Ad-di* Co-sam* El-mo-dam* Er* Jo-se* E-li-e-zer* Jo-rim * Mat-that * Levi * Simeon* Juda* Joseph* Jo-nan* E-li-a-kim* Me'- le-a * Me-nan* Mat-tatha* Nathan (son of David)/p>


Will share Joseph's side as well starting back at David Matt.1:6-16>

*Solomon (son of David) * Roboam * Abia * A-sa * Jos-a-phat * Jo-ram * O-zi'-as * Joatham * A-chaz * Ezekias * Ma-nas'-sas * Amon * Jo-si'-as * Jechonias* Salathiel * Zorobabel * Abiud* Eliakim * Azor * Sadoc * Achim * Eliud * Eleazar * Mat-than* Jacob * Joseph * Yeshua the Christ


Again:(Starting back from Judah son of Jacob) to get the context Again: *One who praises The LORD* Breaks open * the enclosure *from on high * of his flock by presenting himself * The WORD of God *clothed of God* (as) Kinsmen Redeemer* who serves (The LORD)* in his office * in LOVE)


*Peaceful (Solomon son of David)* whos people was enlarged * their/His Father is God * (The) Healer * Judge of God*, Exhalts God* (His) Power is (That of) /from/ God*, Given by The Lord* Perfect In The LORD (God is holding)*, Instrument of God * causing change * To turn to the right hand (calling the sheep to repentance)* Born of Yah* Whom the Lord will raise up* (I asked God) For the sake of the people (who asked to)/ mediator* (be free from bable) To Escape Babylon (confussion/ captivity/ bondage/ darkness/ death)* (with the) Father of renown* The God of Raising*, The shield of protection (aid/protection/ help / to secure/ surround)* (of the) Just (elect/ choosen)* (that) The LORD will raise up* The God of majesty/ messiah* God (judge) of mercy* Gives the gift * of Jacob (The kingdom/ Israel/ a relationship with The LORD)* (the) Blessed of God* The Savior Of Yah* The Annointed One .


Documentation of Christ being of Both the Tribe of Levi and Juda as well as dates of his birth and conception check This Blog


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I suggest the above context more than just absorbing this video!
Still I will share this vid and encourage any to (study for themselves and to) contribute to the thread!

 Someone elses study on Matt.1 (legal line /Joseph's). (Lk.3 physical line through Mary)

Again: The (kjv) Bible states Mary's Father is Heli (of Judah) Lk.3.

In the Apocrypha (books: The Protoevangelium of James, The Gospel of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, and The Book of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary) her father is called Joachim and her Mother Anne. Joachim used interchangeably with Joakim and Eliakim in 2 Kings 23:34 and  2 Chron.36:4

Over time, it is probable that the name Eliakim was shortened to Eli (Hebrew) or Heli (Greek).

This post is not my way of endorsing all the content found in the Apocrypha. Just thought it maybe of interest to others in study. (layout i chose to exspres this info resembles that of one: "Bob Stanley")  Anna (Anne/Ann) was the daughter of Matthan the priest, of the tribe of Levi as was Aaron the High Priest.

Many will Insist on spelling and pronouncing Moshiach's name with a literal "YAH" cause they don't know its present with Yeho. Easy way to identify fake “Hebrews” . I can understand their heartfelt expression to insist on spelling and pronouncing Messiahs name as YAHoshua or Yahshua , thats what it is, a testimony of Faith according to their understanding  but fact is Yah (The Name), Is present in messiah’ s name without having to spell out or pronounce it as  “Yah”! 

Here are some names with G-D's name in them. YeHo (Jeho) is a well known Abriviation of YHVH 

as in “Yehoshua” HaMashiach

minus the niqqud

Yod Heh = YaH (I AM) 

- Yod - arm, hand - Work ( Adon Moshiach is Right Hand- Power and works of HaShem)

- Hey- Look, Reveal,  Breath  (Yehoshua Moshiach came in the flesh observeable fruits and ministry of G-D fruitful Spirit)


Yehoshaphat 2 Sam.8:16,

Yehoiakim- 2 Kings 24:6 H#3079 From *3068 abbreviated H# 6965,

Yehonathan- 1 Chron.27:25 H#3083 From *3068 &5414

Yehoahaz - 2 kings 23:31 H#3059 From *3068 &270

Did Tanakh get ALL these names wrong too?

Suffix from the tetragrammaton is Yah Also used as "iah" in Greek as in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zechariah, Halleluiah...


Isaiah 2 Kings 19:2 Hebrew # 3470 From 3467 & *3050 /

Jeremiah - 2 Kings 23:31 Hebrew #3414 from 7311 & *3050 /

Zechariah 1 Chron. 5:7 Hebrew # 2148 from 2142 & *3050........

H# 3050 (3068) YAHh- The Sacred name 

Im no "sacred namer", as to mention those who Tell people they must pronounce or spell The Name like this or that. Just putting this out there. (Y’Hshua)


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The Rain


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