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The 7 (seven) Spirits (of God/ The LORD):

Is.11:2 /7 Spirits, Spirt of: 1) Rest (Of the LORD-  Comfort), 2) Wisdom, 3) Understanding, 4) Councel, 5) Might, 6) Knowledge, 7) Fear of The LORD  (Reverence- Love with awe.....( "fear")) "Fear is the begining" this grows into a loving relationship http://friendsnchrist.ning.com/profiles/blogs/showing-love-christian-tactics / Ex.35:31 And he hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship... (Numbers 6:24-26)/

Difference in *knowledge (info/ facts) *understanding Pro.9:10 (info + meaning/ reason/ principles in truth) and *wisdom (info + meaning + application/practice/ *action)

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding" -Pro.9:10

  Is.11:2 - Rev.1:4- Rev.3:1-/ 1.4 mentions 7 angles of the 7 churches. THese angels and men carry the *blessing (anointing) of Is.11:2. Rev.3:1 is relative to Messiah THese 7 angels and 7 churches. Messiah (being the foundation of the chruch-s) always gave Reverence to YHVH and its the NT that says the order of authority is that the head of the woman is man the head of man is Messiah and the head of (Adon/Lord) Messiah is YHVH. Reverence is like awe. It consists of love and Healthy "fear" its to acknolwdge one is greater than you and while Yeshua testified to be echad (one) with the Father and I have no need to seperate the annointing From Elohim he himself said YHVH is greater than him. He is the right hand of YHVH. As King David said The LORD (Adonai /YHVH) said unto my Lord (Adon/ Messiah) sit thou at my right hand (position of power and works) until i make thine enemies thy footstool.
Rev.4:5 (pneuma- breath, wind, Spirit, attributes, angel, dispostition,....)

angels are spiritual beings/ Rev.1:20 we are told these stars are angels (messengers/spirits) in the right hand (works).

The Menorah also uses the number 7 to represent the Light unto the world (as well as the 6 days of creation and shabbat 7th,) 8- 1... Law of 7: "The flow of forces follows a line that constantly deflects at specific intervals and unites again at its ends. According to this primordial sacred cosmic law, the line of the flow of forces has seven points of deflection or, as is otherwise said, seven 'centers of gravity,' and the distance between two consecutive points of deflection, or 'centers of gravity,' is called a 'stopinder' of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh."....... We also know that 7 means spiritual completeness. Rev.11:4 Rev.1:20 menorah is a symbol of the church (or churches)/ Israel. (just some random personal notes/links)

(Ex.25:31-40/ Zech.4:1-6)
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