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The Roman Catholic Church | THEY ARE NOT WHO THEY CLAIM TO BE

There is something sinister luring beneath the streets of Rome.KJV bible Matthew 24:5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.SO i ask you to please watch this video for your souls sake  ,call no man father as the lord commanded us not to do,they tell people not to read the bible as most get it wrong,pray to Mary and so forth


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END TIMES ARE REAL CLOSE """new plague cases confirmed in New Mexico


If you think they are not,then just read this little post Hes coming real soon so be ready at all times

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The Words in the KJV Bible

I heard a well known pastor on TV say ,I will not tell his name  as that not would not do any good for anyone but he did say it, but I passed it off as he is getting old and it may have been a slip up on his part but god led me to post it here and on other places and some may have caught it this past Sunday 10/12/14 , that the words in the KJV  bible does not mean the same as they did  century's or two ago that it does today ,I just want to tell you gods words are…


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Praise (Music)

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The Rain


(KJV) Companion Bible
1 Companion bible special studies (Appendixes) Website currently DOWN

2 * C. Bible with Books /side margins (turn page), Appendixes,...

3 More on C.B. / :) 

(search Strongs )

extra link


Other study tools:
1 Smiths bible dictionary

2 Strong's/Concordance




7 E-Sword download is full of good tools and sources.

combo of tools
☧ Other helpful links in the groups.

Numbers In Scripture (Bullinger)

HEBREW Tanakh/ Messorah

- Hebrew "Old Testament"

Hebrew / English Matt. -George Howard (translates Shem Tov's)
- Even Bohan/ Shem Tov's


- Word study tools

- Jewish . Encyclopedia- Septuagint /Sep.

-Hebrew/English dictionary

-Hebrew Interlinear

-Greek Interlinear

- ><> library

- calculator

- Jasher

- apocrypha

- DeadSea /DSS

- Didache 



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