Make your own Collodial Silver for the coming tough times:

As with anything and everything, if you research on the internet, you will get a myriad of opinions with proofs for their position. The same is true when researching colloidal silver. I have been making it and using it off and on since around 1999.

At first, I used sea salt according to the recipe first given to me but after a few years, I became convinced to stop using the salt although it takes longer to make. When salt is used, you will see the bubbles forming on one silver rod and a filmy gray cloud coming off of the other one which makes you aware that something is going on. Without the salt, you see nothing but it is still going on and probably with much finer silver particles.

You should type in colloidal silver into your search and read several articles about it, even some of the negative ones which are very few. If you are convinced that you should try it,  then you will need the following things to get set up and for around $20.00. You can make it forever after that.  I am using the same materials that I originally purchased back in 1999 and they show very little wear.  Watch some of these videos for help and if you can afford a 27 volt machine, just buy one and skip building your own.

1 foot of 999 pure silver wire (thick gauge) available from a Jeweler ( DO NOT USE STERLING SILVER-NOT THE SAME AS 999 ) , 3 > 9 volt transistor radio battery clips and a foot of both red and black wire that will transmit up to 27 volts, 2 alligator clips and 3 > 9 volt batteries all available at your local Radio Shack or electronics store. 1 Gallon of  Distilled  water. 1 brown glass bottle with a porcelain clamp top, (purchase one at a brewery supply shop or just find an old beer bottle and use a cork or a tight plastic saran wrap top with a rubber band).

Connect the 9 volt battery clips with an alligator  clip soldered  to the red wire and the black wire soldered to the red wire of the next clip and so on until you attach the last alligator clip to the black wire which will = 27 volts. These batteries will last a very long time and so you should buy good ones like Duracell/Energizers.      Check link below for another method ****

If you can find a plug in device which puts out  27-30  volts, you can also attach the alligator clips to the ends of those wires coming out of it. Radio shack sells those also and you will just need to clip off the end, split the wires and attach the clips, preferably with solder  & then wrap with electrical tape. It does not matter which clip goes on which silver rod to make the silver.

Divide the silver wire into 2 equal lengths and put a curved end on each like a cane handle.

Use a 2 cup Pyrex type glass measuring cup, fill it up to the 2 cup line with distilled water, place the silver rods on either side of the cup and in the water.  Place the Pyrex cup into another small shallow pan with regular water in it and place on a small stove burner, attach the alligator clips to the tops of the silver rods and turn the burner on to med low for 45-55 minutes and la la, you have a good quality colloidal silver batch. Polish the silver rods between every use until they are shiny again, use a rough kitchen scrubber which only takes a few seconds.

Do not stir the colloidal silver with a spoon or pour into a metal cup. It must not touch metal and plastic pop bottles also can draw static electricity, so glass must be used. Store the bottle in a dark place like a cupboard with doors.

Just shake every time before using and replace every few weeks for freshness. Take a swig and hold it in your mouth as long as you can or want and then swallow. It is especially recommended to hold it  under your tongue because it is a sublingual solution and will enter your body faster that way. If you are ill, you can drink more than a gulp. We have also cured our animals many times with it. Just use a squirting device to squirt it down their   throats  to get them to swallow it.

 I have been using it for 15 years and have never turned blue. This method is not the same as what was used before the days of antibiotics. You can also make it stronger for a topical use by letting it cook longer but I would not recommend  drinking  it  especially if you start to see a  silvery sheen on the top surface of the water.  I am hoping  that  I did not forget anything in this list. Just read several articles and you will become an expert fast.

Lastly, I am not a doctor so read and study up on this and decide for yourself if you want to try this because I am not to blame if you do it wrong or get any bad results from misuse on your part. I myself and my family have had no adverse reactions in over 15 years when using the instructions posted above.

Yah Bless You, Moshe Mayim

Just found this site which is another unique way to get 27 volts, very ingenious.


another informative article given to me by Friends member Grinandbearit :

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Comment by GlorytoJehovah on October 15, 2017 at 8:20pm

I've been researching this and am gathering items to make this and stop shelling out big bucks to the health foods stores for small amounts. I'm hoping to get good at this so I can use colloidal silver to cure and to barter in the greater exodus. Thanks for the help Moshe!

Comment by Linda on October 13, 2014 at 11:24pm
Thanks so much brother! The only thing I recall at the moment that you may have forgotten is to tell everyone NOT to let the alligator clips touch the water. They must stay on the outside. Thanks again! See you in chat or in the air!

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