Many ask are dinos mentioned in the bible.


Job 40:15-24
mentions a dinosuar (neither a hippo or an elephant qualify)

eats plants, moves tail like a cedar, bones like rods of iron, chief (first) in the ways of YHVH, land going and resides at the waters edge. force is in its belly and is mid section is strong. look at many dinos. They are large enough that their tails could be compared to a cedar. their mid section is the center of all their balance and strength (drive/force). The same ones that meet these standards are plant eaters that resided at the waters edge. And they were first among the flesh that dwelled upon the earth.vs. 15 which I made with the- first age. We have other mentions of dinos and dragons and such in the Word and I will return to list them here. Feel free to do the same!

Psalm 104:25,26 - Leviathon?/ Isaiah 27:1

The word "dragon" appears 21 times in the Old Testament alone.

Unicorns (Rhino's of which are a very old species) are mentioned 9 times in the KJV

"fiery flying serpent"- Is.30:6



There are many ways to exspose the lie of (macro) evolution but few have ever done it to the extent Darwin did and yet many of those who embrace evolution attempt to claim to have studied Darwins writtings. Darwin disproved the "natural selection" and "the orgin of spieces" theories of his. According to his own writtings (documented in the vid) he said that if science ever found a complex motor within a single cell, this would make all such theories of evolution null and void. In modern science this is known as the "flagellar rotary motor"! For more details <-click here



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Archaeological remnants of the 1st age


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Psalm (of David) 139:16 (KJV): Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.

(Tanakh) "Your eyes saw my unformed body, and on Your book they were all written; days have been formed and one of them is His."


Your eyes saw my unformed body: From the time that You created the world, Your eyes saw all the forms of the coming generations.  
My unformed body: Heb. גלמי. My splendor and the pattern of my form, before I was born and before I came into the world, Your eyes saw.  
and on Your book they were all written: And all the creatures of the world, like me, like them, even all of them, before they were created, were together revealed before You.  
days have been formed and one of them: All man’s deeds and the end of the days are revealed before You as if they were already formed, although not one of them was in existence, and not one was yet in the world. These are the wonders of God’s works and the way of His might, that future events are revealed to Him before they come. And so, Scripture says (Jer. 1:5): “When I had not yet formed you in the womb, etc.”  
and on Your book, they were all written: The book of the generations of man, which You showed to Adam.  
written: lit. all of them will be written, like נכתבוּ.  

days were formed without one of them: Ultimately, many days were destined to be created, but not one of them was yet created. According to the masoretic text, in which לא is written, this is its explanation. And according to the readingfor it is read לו this is its explanation: days have been formedHe showed the days that were destined to be created, and for His share, He chose one of them, viz. the Sabbath day. Another explanation: This is the Day of Atonement, for forgiveness.

Knowing spirits individually prior to their physical birth and walk!

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The Rain


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