The early Jewish leaders knew all the suffering that Yeshua Messiah had to endure. yet when Yahushua fulfilled all these prophecies and More they twisted their ear and the precedence of Judaism thus changing the religion on these portions. A Clear sift was made to save face and uphold corruption. Check out the quotes (texts) HERE <------ Early rabbis didnt share the views of such people as Rashi on this. We see the evidence of this from before Yeshua even up to 600 yrs after Yeshua. Rabbinic Judaism of today Changed the precedence of Is. 53 (which the sages boldly declared mentioned both Israel and Moshiach). The change clealry took place in the middle ages (thus in effect creating a new religion). 1040 / Rashi. MORE-

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Extra, Extra: This article may be updated and changed in future but currently shows how modern day "Judaisim" is a 1st century branch FROM the faith of Israel and this centers around the same time as the rise of "Christianity".

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