The Seals are for revelation:
The Seals are written in REV.6/ Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21, they are all written in order. The Seals are knowledge and wisdom sealed in your forehead (mind) to know what will happen when the Trumpets sound and the Vials are poured out. Such is revealed unto a select people (the bachiyr yesharim/ Elect)John 15:16/ Matthew 22:14/ Mark 13:20. These elect are no "better" than any others yet they have stood firm with YHVH and have been zealous Instruments of God since the foundations of the World (age).Ephesians 1:4/ (suggest "Earth Ages" study)

When it comes to Matt Mark Luke and John we get some details and we get some generalizations. Those that the seals are revealed to are given Great responsibility and its vital they answer that calling. If not their punishment would be more harsh than anyone elses. (Note they take not credit for the Works of the holy Spirit done through them/ The Levites werent given a territory/ and what good is ministry if there is no need or interest in it? There is one body and many members with a common goal) The seals are speaking to these people directly and it would be worded differently if otherwise. Like many of the discriptions with in Matt. Mark and Luke mix into one another as far as describing the trumps and vials. Example Matt. 24:7-8 covers discriptions of both 3rd and 4th seals.

Whats the opposite of wars and rumours of wars? Peace. Beware of the false peace

SEALS: In order of importance (Seals are truths that are to be understood (Knowledge) by those who are called/Choosen) or to mark what is inaccessible to those unfamiliar

1st Seal Mk 13:5-6 (7)*Rev. 6:1-2 * Matt.24:4-5* Luke 21:8

-"bow" & "crown" Rise of the spirit of the Antichrist 

2nd Seal Mk 13:7 (8)**Rev. 6:3-4* Matt.24:6(-7)* Luke 21:9-10
-conflict/ ideologies/deadly wound to the global system 

3rd Seal Mk 13:8 *Rev. 6:5-6* Matt.24:7-8* Luke 21:11
-beginning of sorrows (birth pains) The famine of the last days will be for truth and Putting God Above fakes and justifications: Amos 8:11 / Rom 11:8/ economic system being set up. 

4th Seal Mk 13:8 ***Rev. 6:7-8* Matt.24:7-8* Luke 21:11 <p>A system of vengance set up by the rebel forces and enforced, false peace being set up/ the rebels have been commanded not to touch those with the seal of God / Rev. 9:4/ 1Ch 16:22 / Psa 105:15

Yet they will persecute us regardless:

5th Seal Mk 13:9-11 *Rev. 6:9-11* Matt.24:9-11 "but then" (after)* "but before" Luke 21:12-19
The difference in Luke and Matt. is that one is speaking directly to the 12 disciples the other is for the generation of the fig tree!

6th Seal Mk 13:14 ***Rev. 6:12-13 *Matt.24:12 (30)* Luke 21: 20-26 

Realization that the masses have embraced the Apostacy and antichrist/ The elect recognise the antichrist as he claims that role. 6th Seal 6th Vial 6th Trumpet.
7th Seal Mk 13:24-27 *Rev. 8:1-/6 *Matt.24:13-31* Luke 21:27-28 

Armageddon can be translated - Gathering place/ many like to point to the nearby vally of Megiddo seeing as it's title is in close relation as well as location. Yet we are told that the gathering place will be the The "Holy place" Matt. 24:15, Dan.11:31, Is.14:13, Mark 13:14. This gathering (battle) is one of spiritual adultry- Deception- Apostacy-Mark 13:21-. The role of the anti. Woe unto those who abide not in the truth.

Trumps begin and the election is sealed (armed).
TRUMPETS: Ezekiel 33:6,8/ The Last 3 are Woe trumpets


The Trumpets (are like a siren/alarm and serve as a warning of) ACTION being taken. Note the side that is taking action at each trumpet that the angels of the Kingdom have warned us about through John. The order of the trumpets are debatable within religious circles. Vials of the wrath of God are poured out.

1st Trump Rev. 8:7 -1/3 same percentage of those who embraced Lucifer in the conflict of the first earth age. Cast upon the earth. A sign of fire, hail and blood. (& Perhap symbolic of negative forces coming into play (spiritual and physical) Wars and rumours of wars) / Two major battles of the last days are Armageddon (Rev. 16:16),
Gog and Magog (Ezek:38 and 39)/

2nd Trump Rev 8:8-9 A Great mountain (land/ nation/ kingdom) burning (destroyed) with fire was cast into the sea (into the hands of the ethnos- nations/ people) and a third part of the sea became blood (a percentage of the nations/ people who took part in the war/ and battles that spawn from this) Fall of Babylon (Rev. 18) 2 implies opposition, confortation, difference. (The name Saddam is a Arabic and means confronter.) Some want to point at the U.S. as babylon. Overall Bable means confussion and Babylon can mean Office of confussion. Which in a general sense is the enemy force that will be at play during this generation. If one is pointing at one thing or area they see as Babylon (example the catholic church) and take their eyes off the big picture they maybe pointing one way while confusion surrounds them.
Sea / waters = nations people- Rev.17:15

3rd Trump Rev. 8:10-11 Lucifer's Fall (Is.14:12)/ Luke 10:18-20) Satans influence, spirit and agenda has come. Wormwood- bitterness, bitterness resonates. God telling us to get
ready, Satan is coming. <p>"Chernobyl" - Wormwood- bitterness all differ translations meaning the same. Chernobyl was the title given to the nuclear disaster disaster

4th Trump Rev. 8:12-13 Deadly wound. Deception comes abroad quickly. the light not shone not for a third part. This could be for the smoke of the abyss yet it symbloizes the confusion and deception that has taken root.It over shadows the light. This is to be likened to the sign of the true christ coming of how he becomes The light which dominates even the sun and moon.

5th 6th & 7th trumps are woe trumps: Revelation 8:13
And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound! 

5th Trump WOE, Rev. 9:1-11 / A star fall UNTO the earth. Now Lucifer is here defacto. Turned loose with his agenda, works and rebels. 1st Woe Trump The Locusts army starts to work through the Tares who control the system / Satan’s four dynasties- (religion, government, economics, and education).
Notice: A locust eat greenery yet these are told not to touch it. These are not physical locusts. These rebels spirits (angels) are like unto a scorpions because a scorpion has no stomach. They sting their prey with toxic fluid and their prey becomes their stomach! Much like unclean spirits seek to do to those who allow them to. Once the enemy injects that poision it leaves you to struggle with diggesting it. Are you armed with the Word of God? Eph.6/ These spirits begin to break down individuals and take control of the world system (moral fibers) and set up the Deadly Wound.

Also compare Revelation 12:4 to a scorpion (its tail being its weapon).

vs.4 And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads. They are come not for your physical life but rather to dirty your spirit.


vs.5, 10- five month tribulation / time shortened Mark 13:20/ (season of the physical locust - May- Sept./ Can't say that is The set time though)

*Joel 2:25-32 (vs31- what day? the Lord's day which John speaks of in Rev..)Acts 2:17-21

7yrs= 2- 3.5 yrs /Dan.9:27/( 2 Thessalonians 2:3 son of perdition/ perdition - G684 apōleia destruction - Revelation 9:11 -Apollyon/ destroyer) Only one has been stentanced to Perish (be destroyed) by name and that is Satan. 5 months divided into 2 2.5 mounths

______One Woe is passed________________
*2 Cor.11:11-15 the enemy comes as messengers of light (Peace) <p>check the word "transforming " here in the Greek- its metaschēmatizō and it means .. wait for it.............disguise / 2 Corinthians 11:3 

Anti in the greek is instead of (antichrist- instead of Christ) The substance you seek could be coming in the form of the anti and the apostacy. How does Peace sound? How does change sound. Those who are luke warm are always down as long as it doesnt mean they have to sacrifice or do any work.

____6th Vial,6th trumpet, 6thVial_____________________________

6th Trump WOE, Rev. 9:12-21 2nd Woe Trump The Euphrates is the boundry between bable and truth. Confussion (deception) will be let loose and it will spread around the World/ the Deadly Wound of the One World system is Healed and serves the agendas of Satan and is under is control. To buy, sell, trade or have health care you will embrace this system. the people are slayed spiritually.1/3 part of men slayed! Interesting percentage uh? vs.15- with mention of an hr., day, month, year -we are being told in an instant! and playing the role as The Mighty One, the last 2 ½ months of the 5-month period. The Vials Begin to be poured out.

7th Trump WOE Rev. 11:14-19 Christ returns Lord of lords and King of kings without observation and with a sword of justice and truth. The Lord's Day Begins. 1,000yrs.= 1 day.

NWO- Dan.7/ Rev.13

__________embrace your own calculations_________________
Sadly many can't see how prophacy of Satan is always in moons (months) months not being the same exact set time from year to year. Prophacy having to do with Good is done in days/ years. One who studies the solar calendar and compares it to Tanakh can see how it has always been the real set calander.(I will leave that for others to embrace what they will though)
Gentile rein 42 months/ 3.5yrs/ 1,230/ lunation month- 29.53
30x42= 1260 /1260 divided by 30 = 42/ 1290days divided by 30 =43 -SOLAR month 30.0/

Lunar 42 months (moons)= 1239.84 divided by 42 = 29.52

2 witnesses will be here 20 more days /-3.5 = 16.5 days the two witnesses will appear before the locust army. rounding would bring it to about 10 days. suggest 2 witnesses study) The destruction of the 2 witnesses of which the enemy has been warned (touch Not my anointed) is celibrated among those of the world, for the 2 witnesses were the ones who brought conflict against straying from God.The actions of the 2 witnesses are seen in the Vials!


VIALS: God's Wrath (is kindled) judgements

1st Vial Rev. 16:1-2 / Sores - blemishes upon those who bare the mark. These people are smitten with effects for their transgressions (indignation and or physical effects) yet they cease not from their transgressions.Romans 16:17, Philippians 3:17, ( a harsh calling unto repentance)

2nd Vial Rev. 16:3 (Rev.17:15) Speaking spiritually. People of the world are given over to their own vices.* 2 Thess.8:12, Rev.11:6

3rd Vial Rev. 16:4-7 tHis apostacy and rebelion steams from even the fibers of society. Heads of government, religion, education, media......all spiritually dead. It will be self justified as hardtimes. God's wrath growing and just, cause he has sent us prophets that were killed and his Word which was cast out, gift of Grace which these people wont claim. (Matt.23:31-36/ generation- gennēma/ offspring , pedigree, generation) 

4th Vial Rev. 16:8-9 (Rev.11:5)New plague not like unto those of Egypt / The Two Witnesses are taking a stand. Again they arrive a short time before the appearance of the Anti and there is a confleict between them and all those of the world and enemy. The 2 Witnesses come with Harsh warning. Meant to be taken seriously.(Zec.4)men are scorched with TRUTH. Instead of taking account for their failures (repentance) they blaspheme The Almighty and the truth.

5th Vial Rev. 16:10-11 (Rev.2:12-13) Late in the game.Great darkness and pain. the people start looking for a way out but not in God. They are being overwhemled in that which they have embraced (rebellion)

6th Vial span style="color: #ff6600;">666> Rev. 16:12-16 Satan (Anti-christ) gets kicked out of Heaven, The Wicked one is here in all his roles and in his own company. The anti (Satan)will appear as a man but will not be human. These kings will be rebels that came with him, and of course he will also have his followers among us. Christ speaks and says he comes as a theif. A theif comes when you least exspect it. Like when you have embraced the first supernatural one to come and find out you are in the bed with Satan. The bling embrace the Apostacy.2 (Thess.2:4) In Matt.24(:15), Mark 13(:14), Dan. 9(:25-27) we see that the gathering place will be Jerusalem./Megiddo" means "the gathering place of the crowd"/ "MO'ED" (or MOGAD), which means assembly or gathering
other views of translation I find not to be a percise- Mountain of Megiddo, valley of Megiddo, and so forth just point to a near by area with the name megiddo rather than the scriptures of the roles that one will play like standing in the holy place (mount zion). Note the valley of blood is the nearest low spot to that! and we are told Christ will come from the east and first touch down on the mount of olives. To bad those of the world will be there embracing the false one.Dan.11:22-23 Synagogue of Satan

7th Vial. LORD of lords and KING of kings comes in judgement. Matthew 10:34, Beginning of the Lord's Day

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Comment by Dee-Marcia Snodgrass Pastor on November 20, 2011 at 1:41am

Great study, I enjoyed this and find it true to the Bible. Do you have any studies on spiritual warfare for these end times?

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