This coming election is critical to us America,Not Illegals,Get that straight in your head.

I see Corporate America HOT Under the Collar.Why? Every candidate except one,Has already been paid for,Be it lobbyist,special intrest,even other countries linning some of their pockets already.

Donald Trump Cant be Bought,This is why hes being attacked,What is his promise? To bring America back from the bowels of hell. To gain respect again. He can and He Will do great things for us,Americans. The Man is a self made Billionare,He didn't get there playing the stock market,like some have,He got it done through making WISE Decisions,and HIS Hands,Can you say that about these 20 + canidates running now? Absolutely NOT.

1.Lyndsay Graham.What has he done for Americans these last 8 years? NOTHING

2.Marco Rubio,What has he done for Americans these last 8 years? NOTHING

3Jeb Bush,What has he done for Americans these last 8 years? NOTHING

4.Carly Fiorna.What has she done for Americans these last 8 years? NOTHING

5.Ben Carson What has he done for Americans these last 8 years? NOTHING

You will find the same answer for all running against Trump

Lets not forget Hilary,How many has she gotten murderd these last 8 years? PLENTY!

I only Hear One running for office That can bring our nation of Americans back to a world leader,Confident,Successful on his own. Is he a Christian? I have no idea,But I will guarantee you one thing,None of these other canidates have been to church services in quiet awhile.So Donald Trump,Whether he is or not a Christian will NOT sway me for supporting him.

Im a DAV Myself and many other Veterans Will be voting For Trump.

Does he owe anyone an apology? Absolutely NOT.Corporate America would like to think he should,Since when did they ever care anything about us.Have they considered themselves?2007 when gas prices were $6.00 and $7.00 a gallon for fuel,They shrunk packaging,To help them reduce their cost,Only we still paid full price,Has the product prices come down? Folks that's called Ill Gotten Gains,Corporate America can KMA.

John Mc Cain war hero? Pilot? Absolutely Not,A Bombider,HE SAT BEHIND the pilot,Why? he didn't know how to fly a plane than,He only pulled levers,dropping bombs,Of Course he was tortchered they new he was dropping bombs on them.That made him a POW,Not a war hero folks,Trump is correct,He has done nothing for us Veterans.He just helped over 300 children of illegal immigrants get jobs,CIVIL SERVICE JOBS at our VA Hospitals,thats just where I am. What has happened since than? Veterans are refusing to even be around them,stopping medical treatment,So What has this man really done? NOTHING,Sold us out,And In my opinion it was because the gov't didn't try to rescue him,but left him there,Hes taking his anger out oon US.

I Repent often for my country,Because their doing everything they can to Remove my Fathers name from schools,court houses,prayer out of schools,Crosses taken down.Morals today are shattered,Not broke,still repairable.We NEED A LEADER,So I pray Oft for Trump,and for his safety,and I would like the other canidates including the 6th day creation,to Shut Up and Sit Down.

May Our Father continue to Bless us,Americans

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Comment by Clayton Gaius on March 15, 2016 at 5:22pm

Ive been with Shepherds Chapel since 1992 and Yes,a straight to the point man.Like Arnold always said,Let the chips fall where they will.thank you for your comment.

Comment by Brooke Scullion on August 9, 2015 at 4:13am

Wow.........some powerful points. Your straight shooting reminds me of Pastor Murray. I'm sure he's getting a real kick out of Trump! I know I am ;)

                                                     May YHVH be with us during these end times!


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