Among muslims there is alot of talk about a (3rd) intifada on May 15th 2011 against Israel (March on Israel/ invade) Remain watchful! Do you see the locusts swarming? Do you see relation to those peoples mentioned in the conflict of Gog and Magog at work? Do you see relation to Ps.83? 

Muslim etremists ideologies are at work.

exspected stages of intifada according to public claims by muslim brotherhood:

1/ strikes (of Israeli landmarks-embassies, consulates, synagogues,...) 2/ advance (towards Israeli bourders) 3/ crossing (Israeli bourders) 4/ further strikes (within bourders)

May we be found on the ROCK during these current times. For there is only one way to escape the Wrath of The LORD our God. (By Grace through Faith). Praise God for the Passover sacrifice that is Yeshua 1 Cor.5:6-8.

Facebook is currently a major tool being used to fuel this intifada. The mohammadians have been ralleying to get the word out. Again this will be the 3rd such intifada on may 15th which is known to Jews as an anniversary of the Israeli declaration of independence on 15th of May 1948 (independance day), for the Palestinians this day is known as "Nakba Day", a time when they reflect on being exspelled from the land. Christian biblestudents know that the events of 1948 in Israel to be a fulfilment of Prophacy (Parable of the fig tree) in which tells us the final generation is alive today (generation of the fig tree).


We are told that when you shall see Israel incompassed with armies to come out of her for the end Is NEAR. So remain watchful of our barometer ISRAEL. The Nations mentioned in the outline of the 1st Gog and Magog are all in the news today. (All the neighboring countries to Israel, Iran, Lybia, Eithiopia, (China), Russia, ...)


The WORD of the LORD shall come to Pass. Pray for the strength of Spiritual Israel as well as for the lost.




Suggested blogs:

Fig tree parable / Forces of Darkness / Gog and Magog

WATCH  patiently and ENDURE in CHRIST.

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Seems we are starting to see signs of the intifahada today.

\uap>We have know the stages to come consist of:

\uap>1) STRIKES

\uap>This invoves "peaceful protests and surrounding all Israeli embassies and consulates as well as other places of Israeli importance and interest. (said to be Starting 13th and 14th of May)

\uap>TODAY May 13th "Thousands march on Israeli consulate in Egypt's Alexandria".


\uap>2) The Advance

\uap>also called: (The 3rd intifada) 15th of May ("sunday of liberation")

\uap>This consists of marching on Israel. This is a march supported (funded) by all types of anti Israel extremists.

\uap>3) Crossing

\uap>This phase is an obvious threat to Israel's security. In this phase the members of the intifada are exspected to test the borders of Israel by crossing them.

\uap>4) Strikes

\uap>Those Palestinians that were misplaced when Israel was given Back to the Jewish people in 1948 will attempt to go to the areas they were originally settled in and do further strikes while other extremists are exspected to be throwing stones at Jews, as well as other types of violence.

\uap>During this same time there is another exspect fotilla to be coming to test Israeli security off their coast.


\uap>The same forces that come against Israel are the same ones coming against Christians and "the west". These same forces are also mentioned in the battle of Gog and Magog. Remain watchful.


\uap>Those that understand the parable of the fig tree know it was the will of God that Israel was reinstated as a nation and that its restoration would take place in one day. This was a fulfillment of prophacy. We are told that forces will come against Israel however. Remain watchful!

"Hevron: Armed Arabs 100 Meters from Hadassah House"

\uap> / Intifada is in progress (1st stage)

\uabr>Distrubances breakout throughout east Jerusalem on Friday ahead of large demonstrations expected on Sunday to mark "Nakba Day." Remain watchful more exspected, Pray for The LORD's will to touch many in the conflicts in a edifying way. May God's people be given strength in any situations ahead.

Jordanians and Egyptians take to streets for pro-Palestinian protests



The heathanistic extremists are at work on the Palestinian side in the name of Nakba day as exspected.

First reported deaths:

Terror attack in Tel Aviv: One dead, 17 injured - first Nakba Day v... 

There was marches in the states.


There were marches in canada.


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