Share your studies on the layout of the battle(S) of Gog and /Magog (2nd of 7 sons of Japheth)!


 I am looking for some feedback. I seem to be seeing at least two major battles of Gog and Magog. (much like the 2 advents of The Messiah)


In Eze.38 (:2 / Russia, 5) we see mention of certain peoples (Gen.10:2 > associated with Gomer Eze.38:2,6  which is one son of Japheth one of three sons of Noah. (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel /were decendants of Shem not Japheth by the way) / (1 Chron.1:5-7) and lands (Eze.38:5) which are considered to be Persia (Iran area today ), Ethiopia area (Iraq-Cush/ Sudan/ Somalia or Eithiopia today), and "Libya" area- (may also have involved modern day-/ Gaza/ Egypt and or Calcus areas)
this is obviously spoken of in the context of old in Eze. and there remains some who refuse to look at such as prophacy for future battles while most do. This area speaks of a defacto(physical) force with a common agenda and offensive against both physical and spiritual Israel (land and people).

The offspring of Magog are known by history as the "Scythians" an ancient Iranian people also closely related to the Ashkenaz of Gen.10:3 / Gomer ( Riphath offspring settled in Russian and Calcus areas/ Togarmah- Turkey and Calcus areas).



* These physical forces are at work today. I see this as the context of the battle of Gog and Magog leading up to the coming of Yeshua Christ.


* However I see the same context and ideology in the spiritual sense DURING The Lord's Day:


The mention of Gog (Magog) in * Rev.20:8 (7-9) * is in a spiritual context during the end of the Lord's Day (Messianic Age/ Milleniuim), and those who understand the events of scripture know that all are in spirit bodies during the Lord's day (No flesh exsists after the 7th trumpet). Those who did not partake of the 1st resurrection are tempted this one last time with the ideology of being able to surround and over power those (in a relationship with the LORD) who dont embrace their ideology. YHVH steps in and in judgement casts them into the lake of fire where they perish.


(traditional) Jewish stances:

The battle of Gog and Magog is seen through the context of eschatology to the Jews as well (as a end to current times and ways of "life". The views differ from rabbi to rabbi but over all the general concept is that a temple will be raise up. During this time a great messenger (or messengers) will be slayed in this location by the wicked one who comes as a holy one.(/ "ben Joseph"/ Christians are told of the two witnesses being slayed and also the 1st advent of Messiah in this context) This time will be a time of persecution to those who are of Spiritual Israel by those embraceing false peace and security in a false one and ideology. Then an even More powerful One "son of David" comes to destroy this Armilus (the Antichrist).




And when the days of the Messiah arrive, Gog and Magog will come up against the Land of Israel, because they will hear Israel is without a king and sits in safety.  Instantly they will take with them seventy-one nations and go up to Jerusalem...And the Holy One, blessed be He, will say to him: “You wicked one! You want to wage war against Me? By your life I will wage war against you!” Instantly the Holy One, blessed be He, will cause hailstones, which are hidden in the firmament, to descend upon him, and will bring upon him a great plague....

And after him will arise another king, wicked and insolent, and he will wage war against Israel for three months, and his name is Armilus....And he will go up to Jerusalem and will slay Messiah ben Joseph...

And thereafter will come Messiah ben David...and he will kill the wicked Armilus...and thereafter the Holy One, blessed be He,  will gather all Israel who are dispersed here and there....


Armagedon meaning gathering place is none other than Jerusalem, where the masses will gather to reverence the anti Christ and where the anti will slay the two witnesses and cause members of the elect to be greatly percecuted as well. More of a spiritual battle for souls (spiritual embrace/ reverance), This will be done with the message of peace (apostacy). (* maybe interested in the earth ages blog if new to the whole concept of the ages)


______In closing__________________


Feel free to share if you see the Battle of Gog to be both in the last days leading up to the Lord's day and also in the last portion of the Lord's day or do you just see it as a one time event. I post this discussion here in the Shepherd Chapel area since most of us agree that during the Lord's day there is no flesh man and so on but differ views on the LORD's Day are welcome here as well. Feel fre to share!


_______share your thoughts on this as well__________

We come across ideologies of some that claim that man needs to build a new temple. What are your thoughts on this. Personaly i see all scripture pointing to the antichrist coming before the return of Yeshua and I feel there will be some sort of temple standing during his attempt to rule all, Just as there is a temple (mosque) at the holy mount today. The temple at such a time will not be THE TEMPLE as the Body of Christ is, or as the old model of the kingdom stood long ago. For the message coming forth will not be the truth, the light or the way.




during false temple?: Matt.24:15/ Dan.9:27/ Dan.12:11


kingdom temple: Matt.24:29-31/ Matt.25:31-40


(we have had types of this wickedness in the king of Babylon, hitler, and presently many such as the leadership of Iran, hamas, Hezbolah, and forces that seek to corrupt the US, Britain,.. The World.)


2 Advents of the battle of Gog and Magog


Eze.38..................-A Change takes place-..........................Rev.20

* Phy & Spiritual battle.........../.....................*Spiritual and not Phy. battle

*Prior to the beginning.........../..................*Prior to the end 

of the Lord's Day.................../..................of The Lord's Day


The Change:

that takes place at the instant of the 7th trumpet (coming of Yeshua) is that we shed the flesh and are found in the Spirit (realm). 1 Cor.15/ 1 Thess 4/ Rev.19:18/ 2 Pet.3:10/ (Heb.9:27)..........

(nations doesnt strictly mean flesh man. The same spirits dwell in the physical nations of rebellion (gog and Magog are the same spirits (nations) that Satan will attempt to gather in the spiritual battle of Rev 20)

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 Ez.39:9 after the (1st event ) battle of Gog and Magog begins seven years of destroying the weapons of the war. We now of a 7 year time frame in the tribulation outline that is shortened. It appears (IMO) that a peace treaty will be made, which makes sense since we know that the beast (One World System/ NWO) recieves a deadly wound (the peace /order/ is broken) and that it is revived (NWO/ apostacy/ false peace) and serves the agenda of the antichrist.

Today we see unrest growing and tensions heating up. This pressure is seen within nations as the nations are turning up the one world agenda, and between nations there remains a deep seated conflict. These conflicts will erupt in due time. wars and rumors of war, and many things will lead up to the abomination of desolation. The peace that those of the world seek will come in the form of the apostacy. Sadly, few are paying attention to these details.

"Idumea" (Edom) land pocessed by descendants of Esau (Ezekiel 36:5 (minds= souls)/Deut.4:24/Eze.35-judgement on Edom)


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