Is it just me or is the conformation of leaders around the world all happings very closely together? Almost as if an Order of events is being prepared for.

Wasnt long ago "elections" reconfirmed the leaders of Iran, and Russia. Cuba's leader recently passed. Leadership has recently changed in Afganistan, Babylon (Iraq), Egypt, Lybia,... and soon to be Syria. We recently saw the catholics change their leader and at the same time Israeli "elections" have installed many in the knesset who are Zealous to rebuild the 3rd temple on the mount.

The Israeli Yesh Atid ("Future Party") has come along way in Isreal and been given a noticable increase in leadership postions as well as the "Jewish Home" party.These two parties have the greatest interests in Jewish national issues. Their representatives are extremely interested in Jewish access to the Temple mount and rebuilding of the temple. Jewish Home (led by Hien Richmond) and The Temple Institute (Led by Gershon Salomon) were once considered minority groups that had out spoken aims of physically re establishing the temple. Today there stands a model temple (at Mitzpe Yericho)were supossid "Levitical" priests are being prepared for the temple. This institution is called the "Third Temple Academy". While we have mention of "sacrifices" in relation to the Messianic Kingdom we have also been told of a substitution that comes prior to it and its an abomination  which the masses of the World will embrace. REMAIN WATCHFUL. These things Must come to pass.

Netanyahu (Isreal) has been reconfirmed, as well as Obama (Usa). Xi Jinping is the Peoples leader of the republic of China since 2013, N. Korea has raised up its prince to power and the list goes on and on... 

Are There certain changes of heads of states that one should be looking to identify?

I am personally looking to see when one stands up in the estate of the Raiser of taxes (Dan.11:20-21).

I also tend to watch Germany which seems currently seems very insignificant to see the Leadership that proclaims to represent the 4th Reich (in relation to my view of Dan 7), which stands up just prior to the 4th beast and institutes The NWO which recieves a death blow and yet is revived (as the 4th beast)of the anti to serve the anti's apostacy (Rev.13:3,11-12).

I am also keeping note of the rabbinic (not biblical) prophacy by Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri that says Messiah will return shortly after the death of Ariel Sharon (former leader of Israel) which is currently in a comma.

Suggest materials: (Leading up to the 4th/Daniel) (Stages have already begun) (ploting right now/ forces of darkness) (Yet to come and come again/ Gog and Magog) (Know the difference between political and Spiritual Israel)

* (We The People are NOT the government)

And of course the elect are looking for the two olive trees of the two candelsticks to stand up as well. They are said to be here longer than the anti and he slays them so they should stand just prior to him being revealed. And even more importantly we are looking for The Christ to return after the apostacy of the antichrist 2 Thess 2/ Matt 24/....


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