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List Basic Jewish Roots!

Share some Basics within Jewish culture that apply to reverance and or found mentioned in the Word. __________Hebrew________________ Firs…

Started by William H.

25 on Friday
Reply by William H.

Edifying quotes/ messages/ verses

Share inspiring words.   Romans 4:5 But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted fo…

Started by William H.

32 Aug 5, 2018
Reply by William H.


  No two people are at the same stage of their spiritual walk all the time. No Two people will agree on all things all the time (Ps.118:8)…

Started by William H.

2 Jul 4, 2018
Reply by William H.

Simple messages (cartoons)

Started by His_Will

5 Mar 18, 2018
Reply by William H.

Share Christian Symbolizim!

Share some of the symbolizm you embrace as Christian! The use of the Ichthys symbol by early Christians. Ichthus (ΙΧΘΥΣ, Greek for fish) c…

Started by William H.

29 Mar 2, 2018
Reply by His_Will

Fulfilled Prophecies of Messiah

Feel free to share Prohacy of The Messiah Ask yourself how many of these could a common man have power over to fulfill!   PROPHETIC SCRIPT…

Started by William H.

12 Apr 13, 2016
Reply by William H.

Common Sense

A story that expresses the gift of common sense thinking. There are different versions of this type story but this one is quoted from http…

Started by His_Will

0 Oct 8, 2015


Many times we see people who have an issue with a verse (of scripture) take the verse out of context (willingly or unwillingly). The simpli…

Started by His_Will

2 Jun 4, 2015
Reply by His_Will

1 Cor.7:17 ? (family santification)

1 Cor.7:14 "For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your ch…

Started by William H.

0 Jan 7, 2015

Faith & Science

I love the idea that faith and science complement each other.Do you find your faith challenged or reinforced by your study of science and…

Started by William H.

0 Jan 7, 2015


Praise (Music)

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The Rain


(KJV) Companion Bible
1 Companion bible special studies (Appendixes) Website currently DOWN

2 * C. Bible with Books /side margins (turn page), Appendixes,...

3 More on C.B. / :) 

(search Strongs )

extra link


Other study tools:
1 Smiths bible dictionary

2 Strong's/Concordance



7 E-Sword download is full of good tools and sources.

combo of tools
☧ Other helpful links in the groups.

Numbers In Scripture (Bullinger)

HEBREW Tanakh/ Messorah

- Hebrew "Old Testament"

Hebrew / English Matt. -George Howard (translates Shem Tov's)
- Even Bohan/ Shem Tov's


- Word study tools

- Jewish . Encyclopedia- Septuagint /Sep.

-Hebrew/English dictionary

-Hebrew Interlinear

-Greek Interlinear

- ><> library

- calculator

- Jasher

- apocrypha

- DeadSea /DSS

- Didache 



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