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Book mark Fellow ship

This group is not affiliated with Any organization outside of this group. The Word is to be the subject here, not any denomination or church.

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All are welcome to this bible study group. The Word shall be the focuss not individuals, denominational doctrine, or conspiracy theories. Documentation is encouraged.

This group was orignially formed for the purpose of biblestudy (word for word/ verse for verse/ chapter by chapter). Public Material (sermons) from individual ministries can be shared here for this purpose. The links posted in this section can be used to form fellowship around current areas of study that stay up to date with current book (Torah) studies (Portions). Feel free to invite biblestudy contacts here (keep current areas of study) to study together and discuss. (Also feel free to invite others here to become contacts on Skype, Facebook, Paltalk, Blogtv, Yahoo, ....)

Feel free to share links to any fellowship service that studies chapter by chapter in which can be used to stress spacific areas of study and discussion. Examples below.


*Lion and Lamb ministries: weekly Torah Portions and Shabbat services: 

(offical website:


While many members here at FriendsNChrist study with "Shepherd's Chapel" FriendsNChrist is NOT affiliated with the "Shepherd's Chapel". No one here is qualified to speak on behalf of the Shepherd's Chapel Network. Temple Beth Ohr 

*Shepherd's Chapel has its own Offical website- (Daily KJV Biblestudy verse for verse) & can been seen on tv throughout the states. Current Events updated twice a week- 1-479-787-5556/ P.O. Box 416, Gravette, AR 72736 /1(800) 643-4645/ To get in touch with an operator: 1-479-787-9900 / 1-479-787-6026 / 1-479-787-5556/ Today's Stream <--Click Here: Option "Stream Shepherds Chapel now!" at the top. 

--Suggest Assistance box in right margin of every page--> 


Torah Portions (Current Torah Portions/ includes rabbinic commentaries) (under "Learning and values")


Biblestudy tools always in right margin! Feel free to suggest any other links to post here for people to use to have (ongoing) current bible readings to study and discuss.

- Formates in which we can get together and study daily broadcasts (sermons, bible readings, those listed above) will be listed in the thread:

 "Add Me! Networking" in the Discussion Forum below! There is also a public chat box here at FriendsNChrist as well as Email type messaging via our profiles. Take care and feel free to invite others to fellowship!

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Comment by His_Will on October 8, 2015 at 2:02am

Some may try to judge Solomon to hell for his sins. Question is what was G-d's relationship (judgement)?!. 

Comment by William H. on March 4, 2010 at 9:59pm

As Arnold Murray would say:
"Don't overload their donkey"!

:) Just takes a seed at a time. Differ people have differ appetites.

Comment by William H. on July 25, 2009 at 1:53am
Yeah two people run that my space and add videos all the time. They are great. I have them as a myspace friend and chat with them with the myspace chat. they often help me find shepherds chapel material on subjects i am on and we sometimes share songs of praise (links) when on myspace.

The other site which I have a link to on the front page is another site where I am working! I am shareing alot of chapel stuff there and more in the future!

Good to hear from you!
Comment by Margie on July 25, 2009 at 12:20am
That is an excellent my space. I need to join again. I deleted my account some time ago.

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