Lev.21:14 required Levitical Priests to take a woman "of his own people" (H#'s 4480 and 5971-'am). Is this requiring that the priests take from (the tribes of) Israel in general or from the spacific tribe of Levi (or maybe the house of Judah)? I see All of Isreal told not to marry outside of the people of Israel (Deut.7:3-4) in a seperate context so when it comes to the Lev. Priests would this need to be repeated in context just in relation to them, or is something more detailed being said? 
I see a few terms that are used to mention "tribe": 'am (#5971), shebet (#7626), Matteh (H#4294- "figurative").
Num.1:47 But the Levites after the tribe of their fathers were not numbered among "them" (Israel). Mentions Levi in relation to "tribe"/branch of their fathers but goes on to say they are not to be counted among "them" (Ben- the sons/ tribes of Israel) IN RELATION TO INHERITANCE/ Territories (Deut.18:1-2) of Levi. So when it says they are required to take a wife of their own "people" what is being said? Is the "tribe" of Levi its "own" distinct "people"? Or in this case Is Israel the "people" being mentioned?


While physically being considered as a member of Israel (from birth) you are required to have a Mother that is of the decendants of Jacob, Tribal identity it through the Father (Num.1:18) Ab (H#1). so while Mary related to both Levi (through Mother) and Judah (through Father)  she and her seed would be considered as being of the tribe of Judah.



 I recall -Dr. Michael Brown debateing -"Rabbi" Shmuley Boteach ("Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah?"). (link to debate pt 1, pt2)


....."The Scriptures went on to say he (Messiah) would have a priestly ministry, which is one of atonement ....." ..... "We see the theme of the son of David, and the anointed one, and as we read the scriptures, we see that he is priestly and he is royal. Zec.6 plainly says that he will sit as a priest on his throne, the one that is called the branch"...... "so first he came as a royal priest to make sacrifice and atonement for the nations of the world and his own people"

-Shmuley responded:

"When Mike Brown says that the Messiah will be a priest (btw Zech. 6:13 says), The Messiah must be from the house of David, a priest is from the house of Levi and David is from the house of Judah"


-Shmuley goes on to say:

"The Messiah must be a son of Jesse a son of David period"


Mashiach- HighEST Priest (LORD of Lords) and KING of Kings

Ps.110/ Zech 6:13


-King (Royal) Line:

Gen.49:10 Of Judah- Lk.3:33 by Mary/ Matt.1:2 by Joseph- legal father (inlaw)

Is.9:7 Of Jesse and David- Lk.1:32-33/ Lk.3:31-32 by Mary

Matt.1:6 by Joseph (legal)


-Priest (Annointed) Line:

Ps.110:4 /Heb.7 Forever after the order of Melchizedek (of which even the Levitical order paid tithes to). Heb.5:5-6 (NO need to relate Yeshua to tribe of Levi according to Heb.7!)


Ps.45:6,7 "scepter of righteousness" Messiah must be a "Righteous" (holy) king.



(suggested material: Biblical Christmas?,  Names within the line, Who is a Jew....)

Mixing disturbs the line /in relation to the lieniage/ but no ones birth is ever a sin.

Mixing/ Divorce/ Premarital sex?/ (personal studies: Yo’ash & Yehoyada 2 Sam.24:2-3/ Samuel's father 1 Sam.1:2/ Ruth / Rachab )

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Num.36:7,8,9 seems to point toward the spacific "people" being the tribe of Levi! (Is.22:24) In relation to whom a Levitical Priest would spacifically be called to marry.

Other notable areas quoted from a thread at JewsforJesus:

"Also, Aharon the High Priest was of the tribe of Levi, yet he married Elisheva (Ex 6:23), daughter of Amminadav, of the tribe of Judah (Num 1:7). "/ (In relation to all of Israel so not exactly on the spacific subject of Levitical priests but wanted too note) " Judges 21:1? Why make such a vow if this rule was already in effect from years ago?" - benyosef

Polygamy? Is it for today? It was biblical and IMV was acceptable Prior to the coming of  The Complete (written/oral) Torah revealed to Moses. This is how I came to this conclusion. If you look at those who were in polygamy in the bible most were in it prior to the recieving of Torah. In such times there was a use for it (. However following the giving of the law we dont see as many practiciing polygamy. I think of King David and Solomon (please feel free to share others!). When we look at the sins of David and Solomon their sins included their love life! David seeked after another mans wife (2 Sam.11) and even had the man killed so he could have her. David acknowledged he was a sinner  and often spoke of salvation, repentance,... However some try and point to Ps.119:168 and claim he never sinned. (Ps.119 vs.173 "I have chosen" 176 "I have gone astray", one can Become righteous (keep the Torah) even though they have sinned (via repentance / atonement) 1 Kings 15:5 / 2 Sam.24:10... Ps.51:1,5,12 ... Solomon took wives of other peoples (the goyim) which was a sin to Israelis and even embraced their forms of idolatry. So they are hardly examples of proper marital relations. With the coming of Torah we were told that a man was to cleve unto his wife and his wife unto him and they were to be one (echad - a unified one). I dont know how you can be one with another woman (or man) and yet be one with another woman (or man) logically for me that would involve two of the same sex having relations that are forbidden. Also Jewish elders made takanot (man made laws based on interpretation of Torah) against polygamy in relative modern times for reasons much like this and cause of how polygamy effected bonds and attitudes among those practicing it. We even see the unrest in such relations prior to the coming of Torah (example Hagar and Sarah). If someone can show me someone practising it after the coming of the law in which their love life was not seen as sinful but raher pleasing unto G-D please do Im willing to accept edification (from our Father).

I believe this subject will become more of a subject in the future when we have muslims who are told they can have up to four wives (even though their hypocritical "prophet" had many many more at one given time.) I think this is another way in which islam attracts the immoral lustful man and those who like this lifestyle may use such to fuel pushing this as an acceptable norm in society. Share any thoughts. 

So the question many still ask is: Is polygamy a sin? (keeping the discussion open...) Gen.2 "Therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother, and cleave to his wife, and they shall become one flesh" (Please remember this is revelation given to Moshe/ spoken to and in relation to Adam/ mankind)... The "NT" says the first man ("Adam") was carnal... A decree given unto Adam (who were his parents??? why "leave" parents and "cleve" unto your wife? and you and your wife be a unified One? (In what way? Phy/Spiritually)... So its a relation that is so close you are now one with your 'better half' in a way unlike your current relationship with your parents... and thus how is a man and a woman Spiritually echad (one) If there are 2,3,... women (men) in such a "bond"? For example i had had 3 wives how am I one with each and yet all (in my heart)? I cant name one example of polygamy in the scriptures where i could honestly say that the man was one with each wife spiritually. There was constant favoritism and jealousy. We can show where the man was one with each Physically (at separate times/ right?). As far as Judaism is concerned I have read where there are (modern) prohibitions on polygamy (based off the Word) by the "rabbis" (Is it evident in the "613"?...) and they constantly point to the effect on all involved. After the concept of being echad with your wife we are forbidden to engage in adultery, fornication (harlotry),.....

Here we see the Hebrew (ish) for the masculine "Man" (Hebrew #376) /Not the other word for man(kind) which is Adam (H#120)/ and the Hebrew for the feminine "woman" (of ish is) ishshah (H#802). Note ish is used to describe angelic beings as well & isn't the word used to specifically mention physical "man"(kind) (Adam) but more importantly points to spiritual aspect of gender roles as they relate to us in the physical! The difference between the masculine and the feminine is the two Hebrew letters Yod & Hei which make up (the short version of) The (Sacrid) Name YAH (H#3050)! 

If you take these letters from the man(Masculine) and/or the woman (Feminine) you get the Hebrew word for FIRE (eesh H#784). This shows us that when Man or Woman doesn't embrace their gender roles in life they separate themselves from Yah. This also shows that Man/Woman separate from Yah are in danger of (Hell) FireIt also shows When man/woman is echad (one) with Yah they it removes them from the Fire.

Note that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by what? FIRE. Romans 1 when describing Man and Woman who knew God but were not thankful unto him were given over to unclean lusts being attracted to and in sexual relations with the same sex. Rom.1:27 says they "burned in their lust one toward the other".

In 1 Cor.7 Paul is telling how He isnt married and how he is fully devoted unto the Lord and while he suggests this is for him and that he would rather Apostles (sent forth ones) be this way and this devoted (Note Moshe/Moses also was seperated from his wife and kids to go serve the Lord) "But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn "(in lust) 1 Cor.7:9.

Unlike Paul many sages suggest marriage completes ones gender role in this life. The bible begins and ends with marriage. Yahushua (Jesus) is the brides groom and Israel is his bride. The Tanakh even mentions that God entered into this covenant with Israel. 

You will see in the pic above that the numeric value of  The Name Yah is that of 15. Interestingly enough the 3 Pilgrimage Festivals (Pesach, Shavuot, & Sukkot), known as the Shalosh Regalim  given to Israel to observe happen on the 15th days of biblical months! These set aside times are in direct relation between Yah & His bride, calling her out unto Himself!

God is a consuming fire unto those in transgression at judgement yet comforts His people with the same presence! Before Shabbat begins its Jewish tradition that the woman light the (2) Shabbat candles that are allowed to burn out. Weekly Shabbat is again a set aside time for the people of God to set aside unto the LORD. Ex.35:3 say not to light a fire On Shabbat. This could symbolize not to stray from Yah during Shabbat but rather find peace and rest in Him.

More layers not seen at first glance found here: http://friendsnchrist.ning.com/video/aleph-tav-bible-code?commentId...;

Ex.21:10 If he take him another wife; her food, her raiment, and her duty of marriage, shall he not diminish.

Brother's wifeDeut.25:5 "If brethren dwell together, and *one of them *die, and have *no *child, the *wife of the dead shall not marry without unto a stranger: *her *husband's *brother *shall *go *in *unto *her, and take her to him to wife, and perform the *duty *of *an *husband's *brother unto her." 6 It shall be that the firstborn whom she bears shall assume the name of his dead brother, so that his name will not be blotted out from Israel. Jer.38:8 "And Judah said unto Onan, Go in unto thy brother's wife, and marry her, and *raise *up *seed *to *thy *brother." The understanding was that this is the purpose behind the sexual intercourse - so that she can raise up childern unto her dead husband. Onan Went forward with the sex just to withhold his part of the *responsibility. His reasoning for doing so was nothing but self and dark. Jer.38:9 "Onan knew that the offspring would not be his; so when he went in to his brother's wife, he *wasted his seed on the ground *in *order *not *to *give *offspring *to *his *brother."/.... Matt.22:24 "Teacher," they said, "Moses declared that if a man dies without having children, his brother is to marry the widow and raise up offspring for him. (Gen.19:31/ Ruth 4:5)

Hebrew basic terms relative to Marriage:

Baal (#1166) Masculine Mary: Male rule, master, "married", lord (Also used as Adon in relation to Sarah and Abraham)

Ish (eesh) /Masculine enity (helpmate), "man",  Husband

ownah (#5772) Feminine Marriage 

aras- (#781)- espouse, betroth


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