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Parable of the Fig Tree

(All politics aside) The FulfillmentS (at least 10 in the Tanauch/Ot) that took place (may 15th) 1948 is known to the Israelis as their…


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Where R The Dead?


 We are told much about what happens when one passes over in general. To be grounded in this subject one has to define the scriptural context of a few terms.This blog will document through the Word of God that ones spirit leaves the flesh (Physical realm) and enters into the spirit realm, where it is easy to tell…


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Monotheistic Elohim


Monotheistic Elohim

The Tanakh (aka the O.T.) agrees with the New Testament in context, when it comes to the discription of El Shaddai (God Almighty). The term "trinity" creats confussion seeing as it is seen differently by so many and not a biblical…


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Three Earth Ages (pt.1)


STUDY AT OWN PACE ____I suggest one get the shepherd's chapel study on :"The 3 earth ages". 



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Gathering Back To Christ




(To discuss this blog and or subject join the group "The Tribulation Key", or start a discussion thread!) 

Where do ALL scriptures agree on the subject of our Gathering back to Christ?…


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Praise (Music)

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The Rain


(KJV) Companion Bible
1 Companion bible special studies (Appendixes) Website currently DOWN

2 * C. Bible with Books /side margins (turn page), Appendixes,...

3 More on C.B. / :) 

(search Strongs )

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Other study tools:
1 Smiths bible dictionary

2 Strong's/Concordance




7 E-Sword download is full of good tools and sources.

combo of tools
☧ Other helpful links in the groups.

Numbers In Scripture (Bullinger)

HEBREW Tanakh/ Messorah

- Hebrew "Old Testament"

Hebrew / English Matt. -George Howard (translates Shem Tov's)
- Even Bohan/ Shem Tov's


- Word study tools

- Jewish . Encyclopedia- Septuagint /Sep.

-Hebrew/English dictionary

-Hebrew Interlinear

-Greek Interlinear

- ><> library

- calculator

- Jasher

- apocrypha

- DeadSea /DSS

- Didache 



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